High Temperature Wire Applications

Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC) stocks several types of high temperature wire. High temp wire is a hard to find specialty wire that is used in high heat conditions. It is used in several different applications, both commercial and industrial.

Choosing the right high temp cable for high heat environments is crucial to meet your exact requirements. Knowing the application of what the wire will be used for can help you help your customer find what they need. Listed below are the types of high temp wire that DWC stocks and the applications they are used for.


hightemp-fep-angle-with stroke

FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) – Used mainly in high temp environments not exceeding 200C and that require additional protection from moisture or abrasion. It is common to see this wire in chemical, electrical, and medical applications.


hightemp-mgt-angle- with stroke

MGT (Mica Glass Tape) – Used in extremely high temperature environments such as industrial ovens up to 538C Non UL or 450C UL. It is used in commercial, industrial, and household ovens, cement kilns, and electric heaters.


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SRK (Silicone Rubber K-fiber Jacket) – Based on Style 3410, it is a flex strand lead and appliance wire used in motor leads not exceeding 200C. It can be seen being used for booster melting systems for glass plants, steel mills, and other harsh environments.


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TGGT (Teflon Glass, Glass Teflon) – Used in commercial or industrial heating equipment up to 250C. It is used for heaters, furnaces, ovens, and kilns.


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SRML (Silicone Rubber Motor Lead) – This product is used in automotive motor leads, fixtures, or electrical equipment not exceeding 150C or -65C. Other applications include high wattage units, sun lamps, and therapeutic devices. SF2 – Similar to SRML, this coarse stranded appliance wire is used in motor leads and fixtures, but can handle a higher temperature, not exceeding 200C. SFF2 – This product has a lower temperature rating than SF2 and cannot exceed 150C. However, it is a more flexible version of SF2 and SRML due to its higher strand count.

As you can see, high temperature wire can be used in various applications. They do all have one thing in common, though – they can withstand blistering heat in tough environments. Use this blog as a guide to better determine what type of high temp wire you should quote for your next high temp wire order. You can also use DWC’s wire & cable experts as a resource to get your technical questions answered.

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