High Temp Wire at DWC

DWC is now stocking high temperature wire, sizes 16-10 AWG.

SRML, also known as SFF-2, is rated at 150ºC and is a 600V single conductor product.  It is available in black and a variety of other colors.  The fiberglass, non-fraying braid that covers SRML allows it to be used in high temperature applications.

For higher temperature applications like heaters, ovens and kilns, check out TGGT (Teflon Glass, Glass Teflon).  This high temperature wire is rated for 250ºC.  TGGT is also a 600V single conductor product, available in tan.

MGT is a product that is rated for even higher temperatures, up to 450ºC. This single conductor wire can be used for commercial ovens and applications that would scorch other products!  It is also available in tan.

For more information on these high temperature products, contact your DWC agent or check out the product video links below: