Heart for the Homeless

What comes to mind when you think about Labor Day? It could be taking a vacation with your family or maybe grilling out at home with friends. Steve Dodds, Logistics Specialist at Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC) in Denver, enjoyed his Labor Day weekend by Giving Back, A Lot to the homeless community. Year after year, the homeless population in Denver, CO is increasing. Armed with compassion and care bags to hand out, Steve was ready to lend a helping hand to those in need and show heart for the homeless.

Supplies for care bagsSteve started out the day bright and early to pick up supplies.

With his hard earned money, he went to the store to purchase as many items as he could. Afterwards, he headed home and made 50 care bags to hand out to the homeless. Each bag contained essential toiletries, water, some snacks and even treats for those who had dogs with them.

The past few years, Steve has set out on this journey in Denver and surrounding areas to assist those who have fallen on tough times. When asked why he chose this approach, the answer was simple. 

“It’s important to take care of people. If you can help just one person a day, you are making a difference in their lives and in the world. Everyone falls on tough times,” said Steve.

Steve giving his first care bagFor this excursion, Steve set out to the heart of downtown Denver at the park, near the Colorado State Capitol.

This is where the majority of the homeless population is located and where he could hand out all of his care bags. His goal was to hand out all of his care bags and talk with anyone who was willing to share their story. While walking through the park, one of the first people he approached was a little defensive and standoffish. Having done this before, Steve knows this is a common reaction. For some, they are not used to people going out of their way to help them. After talking with him and giving him a care bag, this person was happy to have met Steve.

Steve with homeless couple he spoke withThe most memorable story he heard was from a couple. After crossing paths with them and giving them a care bag, the couple was thrilled to talk to someone who would listen. The couple had been together for 40 years and became homeless 12 years ago. The gentleman was badly injured while working. After healing from his injury, he was no longer able to work a job that required manual labor. With medical bills piling up and no income, him and his wife ended up homeless.

“They were the nicest people, regardless of their situation. They were so thankful to get a care bag from me. You can tell how badly they want to turn things around,” said Steve.

If you want to help the homeless in your area, you can find community initiatives that help and support those in need. For Steve, it’s all about making a connection and listening to their story. You may just learn something new.