Health & Wellness in the Workplace

The modern day work environment is evolving and many electrical distributors are increasing their focus on employee wellness. Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC) advocates its employees to Live Healthy inside and outside of the workplace. A company wellness program can promote productivity and retention while increasing morale and engagement.

Start a stretching or exercise routine

There are many ways to promote a healthy lifestyle in the workplace. One example is implementing stretching routine or exercise into your workday. It’s important for desk workers to get up and move around when you sit for almost 8 hours a day. Instead of having your next meeting in an office or conference room, host a walking meeting. At DWC, we recently implemented a stretching program to foster more physical activity while at work. Every morning, DWC’ers perform a series of stretches together to start the day out right.

Free health counseling

Health and wellness has to do with not only your body, but also your mind. If possible, bring in a nutritionist or holistic medicine practitioner to offer health counseling or programs focused on the mind and body. They can give you tips on nutrition, how to manage stress, and so much more. At DWC, we hold an annual stress management month and  incorporate team building activities that tie in to managing stress. This year, we enlisted the help of Madison Waggoner, a health expert and owner/operator of Shri Wellness. Madison covered health and wellness related topics, such as mindfulness practices, overall nutrition, and daily habits for less stress.

Monthly wellness stipend

Another great perk that is becoming more common among employers, is providing a monthly wellness stipend to employees. These stipends can be used for gym memberships, fitness programs, and more. Some employers opt to provide an in-house gym or workout space so employees can exercise during their breaks. These benefits increase motivation in the workplace and promote health and wellness. We don’t mean to keep bragging, but at DWC, employees receive a wellness stipend. We’ll let Joe Von Kennel, Senior Account Manager at DWC, explain it all.

All things considered, a wellness program at your electrical distributor aims to improve overall health and create a more enjoyable work environment. There are countless benefits to promoting wellness in the workplace. DWC encourages you to live a healthier lifestyle inside and outside of the workplace!

Already have a wellness program? We’d love to learn about it! Send us  an email at and share what your company does to help keep employees healthy and happy.