“Have it Your Way” – Value Added Services Provide Tailored Solutions for Your Customers

Remember the old Burger King ad campaign: “Have it Your Way”?  They stopped featuring that slogan in their commercials back in 2014, but for 40 years, it was one of those advertising jingles that stuck in your head no matter how hard you tried to ignore it. As an electrical distributor, you know that each project, each contractor, and each end-user all have their own unique requirements. As it turns out, “Have it Your Way” is a fitting tagline for wholesale electrical products and services.

Having the ability to prep or customize the products and services you deliver can be the difference in winning or losing an important bid. As a master distributor of wire & cable, DWC offers a variety of specialty services that add convenience, safety, and efficiencies that benefit contractors, electricians, and end-users. From services that make it easier for installers to identify cables, to customizations that save time during the installation process; leveraging the value-added services that DWC offers can help your customers reduce the time and resources necessary to achieve project goals. 

Here are just some of the value-added services that DWC offers:

Striping – A cable identification solution to differentiate similar cables for safety and functionality. DWC offers custom options that enable color stripes to be applied to any color wire.

Dyeing – Cables can be configured in various colors to bring safety and simplicity to your customer’s job site. DWC makes cable identification easy by providing customized dyeing services for a specialized solution that helps eliminate hassles and risks during the installation process.

Twisting – Help your customers reduce costs and save time by forming a custom, jacketless, multi-conductor cable. DWC provides twisting services in a wide variety of configurations to create dedicated solutions and intelligent options.

Bundling – Combine multiple-type cables and made-to-order bundles on a single reel. Bundling adds efficiencies to the job site that help reduce time and lower installation costs.

Custom Printing – For branding, safety, regulatory standards, or ease of installation; DWC offers custom printing and marking services for any application.

Cable Management – Streamline logistics and reduce overhead by utilizing DWC’s Cable Management Services. Cable Management reduces storage expenditures, product damage risks, and labor costs while enabling all stakeholders to manage wire & cable inventory more profitably.

24/7 Emergency Services – When situations arise and your customer needs a solution fast, DWC Account Managers are on-call and ready to respond 24/7. No matter the circumstance, DWC can help mitigate costly downtime and keep important projects on schedule.

Offering “Have it your Way” solutions for the products that you sell can open up a wider range of opportunities. For your customers that have specific needs or project requirements that call for customized solutions, working with vendors who can deliver these customizations is highly beneficial. At DWC, we view our value-added services as a key component of the partnership that we have with you, the electrical distributor. The supply chain solutions that we provide are aimed at helping you win more business and provide a higher level of service to your customers.

For more information on DWC’s value-added services, contact us today!