Have a Master Plan!

Partnering with a master distributor can make your wire & cable product line more profitable.

For electrical distributors, having the right supply chain solutions in place is an important factor that leads to higher profits. The right supplier partnerships can streamline order processes, maximize resources, and positively impact your bottom line. A strategic vendor alliance can become an extension of your business and provide you with a like-minded partner who shares your vision of success.

When it comes to wire & cable, a reputable master distributor will often take the initiative to configure their entire business toward bringing value to their electrical distributor partners. At Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC), we even go so far as to look to our customers’ geographic footprint when determining where to locate our network of U.S. cable distribution centers. Offering a carefully curated wire & cable inventory with quick and reliable order fulfillment is essential to maximizing the abilities of our electrical wholesaler partners to serve their customers.

“We are happy with the trends that we are seeing in the electrical industry,” says Drew Piller, DWC’s National Accounts Manager. “We see more of our customers moving toward utilizing master distribution as a solution. We push the model of buying less – more frequently and that has really been a hit with our electrical distribution partners. They use our same-day/one-day availability to help keep their wire & cable inventory tight and their project business flowing. Distributors are no longer tying up valuable cash flow and jamming their warehouse space with huge racks of specialty wire & cable. More and more, electrical distributors are relying on DWC as a just-in-time delivery system. With growing trucking shortages in the U.S., electrical distributors are seeing longer lead times from manufacturers. This among other factors has led to a natural move toward master distribution as an easy solution for their wire & cable program,” adds Piller.

Master wire & cable distributors like DWC sell exclusively to electrical distributors and offer a simple alternative to ordering factory direct. Master distributors can work closely with wholesalers to offer regionalized inventories geared directly toward the product demands of their customers. Master distributors also remove the constraints that electrical distributors face with huge minimum order quantities and the limited selections that most specialty manufacturers offer.

“At DWC, we have relationships with a wide variety of wire & cable manufacturers that each specialize in something unique,” states Robert McCord, DWC’s Senior Procurement and Supply Chain Manager. “One company might offer products to outfit a data center while another might be a good source for the VFD that you’d use for a heavy industrial application. We leverage all of these different supplier connections to build a full-line inventory with easy ‘one-stop shopping’ for our electrical distributor partners.”

Master distribution in the wire & cable space exists to serve electrical wholesalers and add value to the supply chain. DWC embraces this mission by featuring a wide-ranging inventory, made readily available for fast shipment or will call pickup. This responsiveness, combined with customized services like striping, dyeing, labeling, bundling, cut-to-length orders, and cable management programs make master distributors like DWC an easy and economical choice for electrical distributors.

Since 2008, DWC has served electrical wholesalers as a wire & cable master distributor. If you’d like to learn more about the value that a master distributor can bring to your business, contact DWC today.