Going Above and Beyond

It’s early Saturday morning and you are enjoying a cup of coffee and the Saturday paper. When you freeze mid-sip and realize that you forgot to order wire for your customer and it needs to be there by Monday! What do you do?

First, don’t panic. Take a deep breath and go straight to your myDWC homepage.

Next, click on the 24/7 Service icon in the lower left of the page.

Submit the ticket and your message will be immediately sent via text and email to all DWC sales agents and managers.

Untitled-1Then, take a sigh of relief because you are in good hands.

Here at DWC we literally live and breathe wire and cable. Don’t believe it?

On the weekend of June 20th Jeremy Latham, outside sales agent, was at home enjoying some quality family time when he got an alarming phone call from one of his customers.

Craig Ocheltree from CED/Culver Hahn, needed wire ASAP in Mason City, Iowa. When Joe Von Kennel, inside sales agent, prepared the order it was ready to leave Chicago and be delivered Saturday morning.

The Saturday morning delivery came and only some of the wire had arrived. That is when Craig contacted his outside sales agent Jeremy and explained the situation to him.

Without hesitation Jeremy got in his car in St. Louis and drove the nearly five hours to Chicago to retrieve the missing wire. He then drove the wire more than six hours to Mason City, Iowa to make the delivery by 8:30 a.m. Sunday morning.

Less than 24 hours later all the wire made it to the job site.

“I always strive for 110 percent customer satisfaction and going above and beyond is just the way I roll,” said Jeremy.

“That’s a tough act to follow. Many thanks Jeremy,” said Craig.

See we really are here for you 24/7. Next time, don’t get your wires in a bunch because DWC is here to help.

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