DWC Goes Green

Going green can be one of the easiest ways to give back to the Earth, but it is often overlooked. This month, we really focused on going green.

It was brought to our attention by Robert McCord, general manager, that we waste a lot of natural resources, which could have been recycled and re-purposed.  He challenged all DWC’ers to go green for the month of April in hopes that these green habits would continue on.

These tips were meant to remind people to think green. Blue recycle bins were made available at desks and in break rooms, lights were turned off, and people were more conscious of their printing.

“Giving back isn’t always about money. It is also about the things you do, time spent and effort put into a project,” said Robert. “We want to help leave something amazing for the generations after us.”

Green tips were collected, electronically of course, from our distribution family throughout the month of April. Then they were posted on distributorwire.org to inspire others to go green.

“Use a reusable coffee cup, print double-sided and recycle,” said Noel Escobar from Graybar Electric.

“Keep two screens on your computer open when doing customer orders and quotes and do not print emails to save paper,” said Larry Wright from Stoneway Electric Supply.

“Build a rain barrel for you home,” said Greg Francis from HD Supply/Power Solutions.

Brandi Rigdon and Lisa Chisman, who work in the DWC accounting department, helped organize the recycling bins in our break rooms. They reminded everyone that glass, plastic bottles, aluminum and cardboard can be recycled.

“I am very self-conscious of recycling at my home, and I wanted to see that in my workplace,” said Lisa.

“It’s easy and amazing how much waste can be recycled,” said Brandi.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to think green! We are always looking for ways to improve our green efforts. If you have any tips, send them to marketing@distributorwire.com.