Front and Center – capitalize on the growth opportunity of data centers!

These times are impacted by an unprecedented health crisis that will not be forgotten. The pandemic has caused major changes in all aspects of society and companies have been forced to adapt and rethink their business models to keep pace. While some of the current trends, such as increased digitalization, are not new, the lockdown emergency has amplified them significantly.

The exponential growth of computation and data requirements in the U.S. has been fueling data center construction projects over the past several years. According to global consultancy firm, Turner & Townsend, a recent data center study determined that Dallas, Northern Virginia, and Phoenix were among the most robust markets for Data Center construction. But data center infrastructure growth is happening all over the U.S. in markets of all sizes. As far as vertical markets are concerned, the healthcare industry is among the most notable industries driving data center growth. All told, the United States data center construction market was valued at USD 8.4 billion in 2020, and it is expected to reach a value of USD 13.9 billion by 2026.

Since data centers are the building blocks of our online world, they must innovate and implement the appropriate technologies in order to respond to the digital needs of the modern world. The latest and greatest network infrastructure, storage infrastructure, and computing resources are only as good as the wire & cable that connects them. Over the years, Account Managers at Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC) have partnered with electrical distributors to supply wire & cable for data center projects of all sizes. Here are just a few of the wire & cable products that we routinely see on lists of materials destined for data center projects:

Cat 6A (category cable): Typically, 550 MHZ, category 6A cable is used for secure, high-speed data transmission such as Ethernet in computer networks, voice, and data centers.

MV-105 (medium voltage): These cables deliver superior performance in a wide range of industrial applications. In data centers, MV-105 is used as a main feeder of power distribution and to supply the branch circuits that power servers and run cooling equipment.

VNTC: TC-ER cable (VNTC) is used in 600-volt applications for power and control functions. In data centers, it can be installed in ducts, trays, conduit, or other cable management systems.

Instrumentation VNTC: Shielded TC-ER instrumentation cables are used in 600-volt applications for process and control signals. Shielding protects the signal from electrostatic noise and cross talk. They can be installed in ducts, trays, conduits, or other cable management systems specific to data centers.

The amount of data in our world is growing exponentially, and the rise in big data, analytics, cloud computing, IoT, and 5G are all growing along with it. Digitalization is now happening in all industries and business workloads, and data center construction projects must be able to keep pace with the changes. Being able to recognize and recommend scalable wire & cable solutions can bring value to the end-user and repeat data center business for the electrical distributor.

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