Who Says There Ain’t No Such Thing as A Free Lunch

In early 2010, Distributor Wire & Cable added to their company wellness plan by offering free breakfast and lunch to all of its employeees. The catch is the employees must eat the foods made available to them by DWC. Foods such as lean turkey, skim milk, protein shakes and bars, whole wheat breads, fresh fruits and vegetables and other heart healthy foods that give you more energy and help you obtain better overall health.

“The mission is to have healthier and happy employees who want to be around the office more. In return, we are seeing higher productivity levels, fewer mistakes and lower health care premiums,” commented Sheila Gentile, Director of Human Resources at DWC.

During the first 5 months of the program, the employees have lost a combined 100lbs. Nash Flores, DWC’s Logistics Supervisor, has already lost 28lbs eating the DWC provided food plus having a more active lifestyle as a DWC Fitness Challenge participant.

“I not only feel and look better; I probably save $200-$300 a month in food cost by taking advantage of the DWC provided food. We even have a BBQ grill we fire up a couple times a week to grill out chicken and fish,” Nash mentioned.

DWC plans to continue the free food program indefinitely in support of its employee’s health and well being.