Flexible VFD Cable

MINIMIZE your customers’ downtime

MAXIMIZE the life of their drives and motors

With the Manufacturing sector regaining steam after a sluggish Spring, DWC Account Managers are seeing an increased demand for industrial wire & cable products. One line item that is showing up frequently in quote requests is Flexible VFD cables. Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) control the speed and torque of electric motors by varying the frequency and voltage being supplied. VFD cables are expressly built for these types of functions. Think of these cables as “throttle cables” for large-capacity variable speed motors that power an endless variety of machinery.

Typical field applications that feature variable frequency drives include factory automation, traditional power generation, refining, petrochemical, marine, specialty chemical, and wastewater treatment. VFDs use pulse width modulation (PWD) techniques to control AC drives. If improper cabling is used in these drives, the high frequency pulses found in variable drives can cause destructive motor bearing currents.

VFD cables are specifically engineered to protect the motors from induced voltage, transient voltage, standing waves, unbalanced electrical fields, noise, reflective current and variable width pulses. The significant cost of many VFD’s and motors almost always makes utilizing purpose-built VFD cables to protect these investments a smart and cost-effective decision. For your customers, recommending that they invest in the correct VFD cabling will extend the life of their motors – mitigating the risk of downtime and decreasing the chances of premature motor and/or drive replacement.

An added variable to VFD technical requirements is the need for flexible cabling. For machinery that features extensive or repetitive movement, flexible VFD cables can stand the test of time. Continuous flex applications dictate the need for specific types of construction for consistently precision performance and reliability. VFD cables that are constructed with flexibility in mind help decrease the risk of voltage spikes and high noise levels when used in tight quarters and harsh conditions.

For quotes or questions regarding Flexible VFD Cables, including those from our manufacturing partner Elettrotek Kabel Group, contact your DWC Account Manager today!