DWC Fitness Challenge 2010

Distributor Wire created the “DWC Fitness Challenge” this year to encourage all of its employees to lead a healthier lifestyle. The challenge allows participating employees to pick one fitness goal to try and achieve in the calendar year.

Fitness goals range from endurance challenges such as marathons, strength test, and of course, weight loss. Ricardo King, a DWC logistics specialist, has pledged to lose 60lbs while Chris Camp, inside sales agent at Distributor Wire, is tackling a marathon under 4 hours.

“We value our employees greatly, and nothing is more important than their personal well being. The lifestyle changes they are forced to make to reach their goals will undoubtedly increase their quality of life but also help with our company’s health care premiums long term. It’s a win/win,” commented Sheila Gentile, head of human resources at DWC.

Why would employees take on a fitness challenge of this magnitude? The rewards of course.

Not only will they be healthier and happier at the end of the year, but DWC has pledged a free vacation to each employee that reaches their goal. The reward includes a $1000 travel voucher to the destination of their choice. In addition, if all participating employees reach their fitness goal, another $250 bonus will be added to each reward.

“This was a no brainer for me,” stated Maggie Workman who is in sales for DWC and decided on doing a 5 hour marathon in Las Vegas later this year as her goal. “I love challenges, and to be able to receive a free vacation for simply taking care of myself made it a very easy decision to participate.”

DWC plans on hosting the fitness challenge every year in support of its employees living a healthier lifestyle.