Fire Alarm Cable: PVC & Plenum Fire Alarm Wire

Fire alarm cables are one of the most popular types of low voltage products on the market today. Fire alarm cable is found in all types of commercial and residential applications. Fire alarm cable is typically used on smoke detectors, fire protective circuits, fire alarms and other control signals used in fire protective circuits.

Standard fire alarm cable is rated up to 300 volts. It is manufactured with a red jacket in both PVC and plenum constructions. Fire alarm cable almost always uses a solid copper conductor. Sizes of fire alarm cable range from 12 AWG-18 AWG for normal stocking items. Fire alarm cable can be ordered with or without an aluminum mylar shield. This shield can significantly reduce noise or crosstalk to the fire alarm signal.

Certain states or cities may have specific requirements for their fire alarm cable. Plenum fire alarm cable, or FPLP, is required in drop ceilings or in plenum applications to prevent toxic smoke burn off. FPLR, or PVC fire alarm cable, is used in riser applications when smoke burn off is not an issue.

Fire alarm cable can be constructed in a variety of jacket colors with factory minimums. You should always make sure if you request a special fire alarm construction or color it will meet the necessary requirements by your local and state fire marshal. Many times a stripe is added to fire alarm cable to differentiate it as opposed to changing jacket colors.

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