East or Bust


We are finally moving east! Columbus, Ohio will be our third cable distribution center (CDC) opening in 2015, and our eighth total. We are thrilled to add Columbus to the list of cities that we call home this October.

After we officially opened our Philadelphia sales office, we couldn’t help but stop in the beautiful state of Ohio.  While we were busy taking in the sights and sounds of the city, our Logistics Manager was hard at work scouting out locations for our newest CDC.

In preparation for our new CDC, we brushed up on our football knowledge, studied the fight song of the Ohio State University and we even bought red t-shirts for game day. That is not all we did to plan for our grand opening. We also studied buying trends for specialty wire, and even talked to you, our customer!

“Growing east is great news for our entire customer base! We are able to enhance the customer experience with our Philadelphia sales office and  a shipping point that can service many of our favorite towns overnight,” said Pete Comber, Director of Business Development.

We will offer will-call service to the Columbus metro area and one-day shipping to Kentucky, Indiana, parts of Michigan, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Our “Beast Coast Crew,” AKA Alex Walsh, John Ibbetson and Casey Christ couldn’t be more excited about our new CDC. They are based in our Philadelphia sales office, and will be stopping by to see many of our customers in that area!

“I can’t wait to go back to my home state and meet all of my customers out there,” said John Ibbetson, Senior Account Manager.

We are excited to be headed east and can’t wait to meet all of you!

See you soon!