DWC’s Best Pet Stories

DWC wanted to show some love to the pups who has warmed the hearts of our customers by giving them “DWC Love Me” dog bandannas. The dogs rocked the bandannas with pride.Check out these stylish dogs with their DWC Dog Bandannas and a few of the stories behind these cute faces.

“Bella, the Texas Cow-Dog”

Joe Anderson, Kris Davis Co.

Hi! My name is Bella Marie Anderson and I am 4 yrs old. My daddy says I’m a tomboy. (I’m really not, I love to dress up!)

You would think after my mommy and daddy leave for work that I would have it made – that’s WRONG. That’s when my guard duty come into play.

Well, on my porch I have to make sure the mail is delivered correctly. I have to make sure all the little neighborhood kids arrive home from school (they wave and say hi Bella when they are safe), oh yeah, and daddy says for me to keep all the varmints (birds/squirrels) off the front porch! And I make sure that strangers know who is in charge in our neighborhood! Now, with my new red/white/blue DWC bandanna they take note!

They don’t want to mess with a real TEXAS cow-dog like me (all bark, no bite)! My mommy lets me wear it until 9:00 p.m. bedtime. I think it makes me run faster too.

Thank you for my new bandanna! Ya’ll are awesome!

“Smelly String”

Deb Walker, Kriz Davis Co.

I was standing at the kitchen sink, washing dishes, when my 3 year old daughter came around the corner, held up a piece of tinsel from the Christmas tree, and announced, “This smells bad.”

“It smells bad?” I asked, not certain I’d heard correctly.  “Yes,” she said, “It stinks.”

I stared at the shiny string of tinsel clenched in her little fist and wondered what in the world would cause tinsel to smell bad. I didn’t remember it having any smell – good or bad – when we put up the Christmas tree just a few days earlier.  And then I noticed it. The tinsel looked… wrong. It was dirty or something.

“Gracie,” I asked, “Where did you get that piece of tinsel?”

She looked at me and said, matter-of-factly, “I pulled it out of the dog’s butt.”

I don’t think my daughter fully understood the hand-washing frenzy (and hysterical laugher) that followed…

“Get Well Soon, Coral”

Cory Hutchens, CED

It was a beautiful Friday afternoon in Oregon on Friday 2/22/2013. My wife decided to go for a walk to grab a beverage and walk home with our daughter and friends from school. She was leaving our apartment when our neighbor was walking his 2 dogs.

The dogs don’t know her so they were barking at her and the owner was trying to quiet them. Wanting to help calm the dogs my wife asked “if I put my hand out for them to smell, will they calm down? The owner says “yes they’re good, and approaches my wife with the dogs on leash. The larger dog (100lb Chesapeake bay retriever) took one sniff of Corals hand, let out a loud growl and immediately pounced, biting her left cheek and opening a large wound on her face. Shocked and scared she grabbed her face to find a handful of blood and the neighbor standing in disbelief.

Immediately she walked into the house, threw our dog in the kennel (our dog was not with her on her walk) walked up stairs, grabbed a clean towel, went to the bathroom and found the peroxide and started cleansing the wound. The neighbor came back and advised her he needs to take her to the emergency room.

13 stitches later we got to go home however the pain had only begun as infection set in and we were back in the e.r and transferred to another hospital. She had surgery to open the wound and insert a drain tube in her face (grossest thing I’ve ever seen). As of now we are waiting for the swelling to go down so they can find out if her salivary gland is severed (as they suspect) witch is causing saliva to enter her face rather than her mouth, if so more surgery will be on the schedule.

Her beautiful face is not going to be scarred and she has a fear of large dogs now. However our little dog Mia is still her buddy. I’ve learned a lot about dogs and my wife in the past week. Never trust a dog you don’t know even if the owner says “they’re fine” and I also learned that my wife is a lot tougher than I am as she never shed a tear from the beginning, I would have been crying and screaming all the way… She’s grateful that it wasn’t her eye or one of the kids as it would be way more serious if that was the case.
That’s my worst pet story…

“Forgetful Gunner”

Star Ramey, Grove Madsen Industries­

All I can say is, how can you have a bad day when you look at that face (attached pic)!!  This is my little man Gunner.  He is a 4 year old white bull terrier and he is the light of my life.  I had always heard that bullies were the clown of the dog world, but I had no idea what I was in for.  This little dude will do anything to make you laugh.  His favorite game is what we call crack dog/get butt!  He runs circles in my living room and behind the couch while my husband and I chase him and smack his butt!  But the funniest thing I think I ever saw him do happened at the park by our house.

Bullies are notorious for having the attention span of a two year old, which makes training them difficult, to say the least.  We usually have to spend 10 or 15 minutes reminding him how to walk on a leash!  Once he’s had a good walk around the park, we will walk him through the park so he can crawl on his belly through the grass, he always has that dumb grin on his face when he does.  Well on day, the park was empty and we walked by the playground equipment. My hubby got a wild hair up his rear and walked Gunner up the stairs of the jungle gym slide thingy.  Gunner was all good with it, and we found him standing at the top of the slide.   Not quite sure what to expect we watched.  The next thing you know, this dog is going down the slide, not on his paws, but sitting upright on his butt!!!! OK, we thought, this was some sort of fluke.  So my hubby took him back up to the top, and without hesitation, down he goes again, on his butt, wearing that big dumb grin that I love so much!