DWC Presents the fastQuote Button

Everyone could use a helping hand every now and again. Just a little extra something to make life a bit easier. What about a smart button? Push the button and BOOM it’s done! Simple, right?

The fastQuote button talks to your myDWC account. All you have to do is plug it in, and push it anytime you need a quote for wire. The button will automatically bring up fastQuote. Simply, populate the fields with what you are looking for and your quote is ready!FastQuote Master Logo Final

We understand that our button takes up a USB port. That is why when building our button we added three extras. This allows you to charge your phone, use a wireless mouse and get fastQuotes at the same time.

If you don’t have a fastQuote button, or would like a new improved one with USB ports, request one here.

A few of our DWC Family members created a video to tell you more about the fastQuote button. You can check it out their acting debut above!—It’s a good thing they have day jobs in wire and cable!