DWC Meat & Greet Boot Camp

Cover Photo_Outside Team

The DWC Outside Sales Team arrived in Denver Monday, April 20th for an intense boot camp that challenged their abilities and stretched their minds. This exciting, fast-paced training was designed to get them in tip-top shape and ready to visit you.

The team went through three rigorous days of training at our Denver HQ. They began with instructions on telling the DWC story from our CEO, Bryce Huett.

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“While the week was intensive, the boot camp was informative and enlightening. Our customers can expect a new approach from our outside sales team with myDWC focused Meat & Greets and how this new technology can improve their overall productivity, and ultimately, their profits,” said Clint Dickinson, DWC Outside Sales Agent.

The lessons then took the whole team on a field trip to a local distributor, for on the job training. They returned to HQ full of ideas and ready to present using their own styles to fellow DWC’ers.

The week of training also gave our outside sales agents a chance to reconnect with their DWC Family. Laughter and conversation could be heard throughout HQ as we heard updates about their families and experiences on the road.

Each of our five outside sales team members passed the challenging course with flying colors. We are thrilled to send this talented group of DWC’ers out to represent our growing company.

Log into your myDWC account and schedule your Meat & Greet today! Your outside sales agent will contact you to set up 30 minutes to demonstrate our innovative technology, myDWC. They’ll bring lunch or breakfast for your team and show how myDWC can make your life easier and more productive.