Pushing Our Fitness Goals

Living healthy can be a challenging and rewarding task that requires the help of a few friends to get you motivated and moving. At DWC, living healthy is one of our core values.

To help family members stay true to our values, we opened a yoga studio at our Denver HQ. The studio is well equipped with yoga mats, work out videos, exercise equipment and people eager to work out. We have also mapped out a three mile loop around the industrial park, where you will often find some of us running after work or walking during our lunch breaks.

During the past month several DWC family members accomplished their fitness goals and others started new ones.

Jessica Floyd ran her first Bolder Boulder in one hour. This was Jessica’s first 10k race and it was filled with people offering her cupcakes, Doritos and keg stands along the way. These were all very tempting reasons to stop, but she sped by them with her sights on the finish line. Next she wants to take on the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in October.

“It felt great to cross that finish line. All those early morning runs paid off,” said Jessica. “My DWC family played a big part by encouraging me.”

Matt Kissane ran his first half marathon on May 4th at the Boulder Reservoir in two hours and eight minutes. During the race he had to overcome muscle fatigue and a snake that found its way onto the trail.

Tina Thorpe ran her first 5k. She ran in an anti-bullying race that required all participants to dress up like superheroes. Looking like an Incredible, she also felt incredible.

Drew Piller ran on a relay team during the Colfax Marathon. He accepted the challenge of running two legs of the relay to fill in for a missing team member. He didn’t let that slow him down and crossed the finish line.

Jeff Webb entered a body building competition in April, the Rocky Mountain Natural Championships, where he showed the judges what a healthy lifestyle can do. In turn the judges awarded Jeff the gold medal! 

Tyler Waggoner, Keegan Bast, Drew Piller and Robert McCord took on the Elephant Rock bike race on June 1st. The 62 mile race tested their endurance and the comfort of their bike seats.

“It is great to see everyone accomplish their fitness goals,” said Aly Daugherty. “I hope that everyone keeps at it because they will be surprised at what they can achieve. “