DWC Launches People Development Department

Breeze Gunderson

We believe that in order to build an organization which achieves real results, we need to invest in developing our people. We have to create a culture of developing and supporting people who will ensure we have access to a skilled and flexible workforce. We would like to proudly introduce to you, our People Development Department, headed by Breeze Gunderson.

Sure, we can call it “Human Resources,” but we won’t. We don’t want a department full of policies and handbooks that no one likes to read. We want a department that  develops our employees and defines our internal culture. We want a department that will propel our employees to their fullest potential. We want a department who offers mentorship and focuses on team building. We want our employees to feel like they are a part of DWC, not just an ant in a large colony.

The People Development Department offers gym membership benefits, promotes healthy eating and maintains the Book Book Nook. The department will work on various events throughout the year to develop team building and personal development.