During the month of September, the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) approved Distributor Wire & Cable as an Associate Value Added-Reseller.

Tyler Waggoner from DWC who worked with  the NAED registration commented, “It took us a little while to break through with  NAED, but we believe that partnering with  NAED is important for not only our company to grow, but also for our customers.”

Distributor Wire joins one of the 235 associate and allied members that are a part of the NAED. The NAED is a not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to serving the electrical distribution channel.  The NAED serves as the voice of electrical distribution while also providing members with the best tools, information, and assistance to help electrical distribution improve and thrive financially.

With Distributor Wire & Cable partnering with the NAED a wide spectrum of opportunities has been presented.  One of the most important factors of partnering with the NAED is the opportunity to network and gain insight from the entire electrical distribution chain.  This will assist DWC in truly understanding their distributors and how we can best assist and satisfy their needs.

For example, the first event DWC will be attending through the NAED is Women in Industry, which will be held in Houston, TX on October 18, 2012.  DWC will have the opportunity to; make new connections within the industry, hear from experts, and learn the importance of females in the industry. Along with networking, the NAED provides some of the best educational opportunities through the NAED Learning Center.

Robert McCord, the purchasing manager at DWC, commented, “We are excited to use the services provided by the NAED to help continue the growth of the company.  This partnership will undoubtedly help us gain more market share in the coming years.”