Seattle Washington CDC Opens For Business

On September 6, 2011, Distributor Wire, a master wire and cable distributor exclusively supporting wholesale distribution, officially opened its new Seattle Cable Distribution Center (CDC).

This new stocking location will be the home to many types of specialty wire and cable supporting the electrical wholesalers in the Pacific Northwest region.  Additionally, DWC will be able to value add their products with the latest in cutting, striping and dyeing equipment.

“The CDC model we have created is unique to our industry in that it will only be manned by DWC logistical personnel,” remarked Sheila Gentile at DWC. “While we will have outside sales agents in this region calling on our wholesalers, all phone calls will be handled by our headquarters in Denver.”

Chris Camp, Senior Inside Sales at DWC, and Maggie Workman, Regional Outside Sales Manager, will be handling the bulk of wholesaler accounts in this new region from Colorado.

“There has been a big need for another specialty wire and cable company to enter this market and support the efforts of the electrical distributor.  I am confident we can fill that void by providing the wholesalers with the same great products, services and pricing we have built our reputation on in the Rocky Mountain Region,” commented Maggie.

The Seattle CDC is equipped with the latest wireless technology available today making it the first of its kind in the electrical industry.

This includes IRIS, DWC’s proprietary Inventory Receiving & Identification System which virtually guarantees quick and accurate order fulfillment.  In addition, this new location utilizes a 16 channel high resolution infrared security camera system that can be accessed in real time through the Internet from a PC, tablet or mobile phone.  Finally, to help with communication between the Seattle CDC and their headquarters in Denver, DWC logistical employees will holster push to talk radios plus have Skype access at all PC stations.

“We realize the technology available today makes our CDC model possible,” commented Jon Keyworth who will be the new logistical manager in Seattle.  “However, it is our people that must deliver our brand at the same high level that our wholesalers have experienced throughout the Rocky Mountain Region for this location to be a true success.”