Distributor Wire Launches Org

From the inception of Distributor Wire & Cable Company, the business has had a firm goal of one day giving back to the electrical wholesale community.  The development of this idea began in the  summer of 2008 when 4 year old Ian Huett drew the letters Org on a piece of paper for his father.  Bryce Huett, Ian’s father, had just opened Distributor Wire & Cable and was searching for a way his wire and cable company could one day serve a greater purpose.

Org Logo (Clean Version)

Bryce commented, “I truly believed DWC would one day provide the resources and the opportunity to fulfill our original philanthropic mission.   However, this concept was not developed over night.  We have all worked very hard the past 4 years to reach our goal – the launch of distributorwire.org.  Org has ultimately created a way for stories not only to be shared, but also gain support and hopefully inspire others.”

Through the growth of DWC, the company has witnessed countless stories of individuals in their distribution family doing amazing things.  DWC believes these stories should have a platform to be heard.

Sheila Gentile, a strong voice in Org commented, “We do not value one story more than the other. If someone’s story can inspire one person, even in the slightest way, we want to support them and expose their story to others.”

Org will document stories ranging all across the board.  From Destiny Evans, the daughter of Cory Hutchens with CED Portland, auctioning off her lamb at the county fair in support of the local 4-H. All the way to our distribution family raising close to $5,000 in support of the victims of the Aurora, Colorado Theatre Shooting.  Org truly believes that “No matter how small or how big the event is; if it is important to you, it is important to us and we would like to be a part of it.”

If you would like to stay up-to-date on the amazing stories going on inside the Org distribution family, Org encourages you to visit their website or like their page on Facebook.  New stories and opportunities for you to become involved will be updated frequently.