Supply CHAIN Portal Goes Live

In May of 2011, Distributor Wire’s information technology team created CHAIN – a proprietary online portal made exclusively available to their approved suppliers.

This unique portal gives their wire and cable suppliers a 24/7 online account to provide DWC with real time information about their products and services.  Suppliers can upload price sheets, inventory lists, production schedules and overstock specials.  This information is immediately sent to the DWC sales and purchasing agents helping them increase their business.  In addition, suppliers can review and confirm open and past purchase orders they have with DWC.

“Giving our valued suppliers the opportunity to communicate more frequently and effectively is a big step in helping both of us grow our businesses.  We view the supplier relationship as a partnership and this new tool is way to solidify those relationships more,” commented Maggie Workman, sales agent at DWC.

A break through feature inside CHAIN is a live bidding feature offered to suppliers.  Each supplier creates a product profile and CHAIN will display to them only the items in their profile that DWC is currently looking to buy.  The supplier then has the unique opportunity to make real time bids on open stock business to help them capture larger purchasing buys through this portal.

“We akin the bidding feature to an online auction,” remarked Sheila Gentile head of operations at DWC.  “Suppliers make their best offers for the products in their profile, including the lengths they have available, and bids are accepted or denied by our purchasing department within minutes.”