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Diesel Locomotive Cable vs. Welding Cable
A frequent question these days in the specialty wire and cable world is the difference between Diesel Locomotive Cable, or DLO, and welding cable. This article briefly highlights the main differences for the reader. While both DLO and Welding Cable use a stranded copper conductor, welding cable is a bare copper while DLO has a tin coating. This tin coating is highly resistant to corrosion helping DLO fair better .
DLO Cable: Diesel Locomotive Wire and Cable
DLO Cable, or diesel locomotive cable, is a flexible single conductor copper cable used in motor and power leads. DLO cable can also be used to wire diesel locomotives, transit and railroad cars, oil and gas drilling rigs, telecom power supply, storage batteries and various types of earth moving machinery. Standard DLO Cable carries a (2KV) 2000 volt rating. It is rated at 90 degrees Celsius. Sizes range from .
Mining Cords: Type W Mining Cord
Today‚Äôs featured article is in regards to Type W mining cable, its construction and applications in the work place. Type W is a highly flexible, durable cable that is designed for rugged applications as we will discuss in further detail below. Let’s begin by breaking down it construction to give you a better sense of its quality and traits. Type W can be made anywhere from a single conductor .
SOOW: SO Cable and SO Rubber Cord
SO cable is one of the most popular and versatile portable electrical cords made today. These are multi-conductor cords, comprised of 2 or more conductors, which can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. This versatility allows SO cable to be utilized in a variety of environments. Although it is found in commercial, residential and industrial facilities it has gained the most popularity in mills, mines, and marinas. .
Mining Cord: Type G Mining Cable
One of the most popular mining cords today is Type G. Standard Type G mining cord is a bare copper cord rated at 2000 volts (2KV). Type G uses a thermoset insulation, typically EPR, and a thermoset jacket, typically CPE. In other words, it looks and feels like rubber. Standard temperature range of a G Cord is -40C to +90C. However, there are many constructions of this product which .
Welding Cable: Welding wire and cable product details
Welding cable is a popular portable cord that is used in various welding applications as well as many power supply applications not exceeding 600V where some flexibility is required. Welding cable sizes range from 6 awg to 500 MCM. It consists of bare annealed copper per ASTM B-3. The jacket on most welding cable is thermoset, typically EPDM or Neoprene. The most widely manufactured colors of standard welding cable .