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PVC v.s. Plenum
What to choose, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or plenum? Consider asking yourself these simple questions to aid in the decision making process. If the building or wire were to catch fire, does the kind of smoke produced matter? No smoke is good for the human body to ingest, but if you had to choose… When a wire is coated in PVC and burns, it has tendency to produce Hydrogen Chloride .
Plenum Cable: Plenum cables and plenum rated products
There are a variety of wire and cable products that are manufactured in plenum versions. The most commonly used is plenum cable. Plenum cables are used in electrical or telecommunication applications and are installed in the air spaces of most residential and commercial buildings. Plenum fire alarm cable, plenum coax cable and plenum cat 5 cable are examples of some of these applications. It is common practice to route .