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Cat6 Cable: Category 6 Networking Cable
Cat6 Cable is a phone and Ethernet computer cable consisting of 4 pairs intimately twisted together with either a PVC (riser) or Plenum rating. Cat6 Cable is the latest standard in indoor phone and computer networking cable. It can be used in all cat3, cat5 and cat5e or enhanced applications. It is rated up to… Read More
Indoor Phone Wire: Category Phone Cable
Indoor phone and data cable is manufactured in multiple styles, sizes and pair counts. This brief article is used to explain the similarities and differences between the different categories of indoor phone wire. These twisted paired telephone cables are designed for high signal integrity. In other orders, they transmit phone and data signals such as… Read More
Outside Phone Wire: PE Style phone cable
There are many different constructions for outside phone cable. This article is used to explain the most popular styles as well as help identify the correct outside plant cable for your application. 1. REA Specification PE -22 – PE 22 is an aerial and duct outside plant copper phone cable. PE-22 uses a solid polyolefin… Read More