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Teck 90 Cable
Teck 90 cable originated in Canada but is a popular product in many areas of the world today. Teck Cable is composed of bare copper conductors with cross linked polyethylene insulation giving it a XHHW rating. Standard temperature range for these Teck products is 90 degrees Celsius wet or dry with an emergency temperature range of 130 degrees Celsius. All Teck cables come with a bare ground wire in .
VFD Cable
Variable frequency drives, or commonly known as VFD’s, use pulse width modulation (PWD) techniques to control AC drives. If improper cabling is used in these drives, the high frequency pulses found in VFD can cause destructive motor bearing currents. The answer to these frequency pulses is many times the uses of variable frequency drive cables between the VFD and motor. These cables are specifically engineered to protect the motors .