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Category Cable
Category Cable That’s Right For You: Cat5e, Cat6e or Cat6a
Category cable is a type of ethernet cable that has been evolving since its creation. It is used for data transmission in telecommunication systems, computer networks, and security systems. At Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC), we even have our own branded category cable! As businesses, companies, and people expect more from their wire & cable, it is important to future proof systems to last. So, what kind of category .
Applied Wire: Aluminum
Aluminum wire & cable is nothing new to the electrical industry. Seen mainly in utility applications, it is now being used more and more in large scale commercial, industrial, and residential applications. Knowing the different applications that these aluminum products are used for will help you quote your customer the right product, and it can help you write the order. ACSR (Aluminum Conductor Steel-Reinforced) Also referred to as an .
The Aluminum Alternative
If you have a customer with an upcoming project requiring wire & cable, you want to get them what they need, when they need it. In most cases, these projects are submitted to you with tight budget parameters. A cost effective alternative to offering a traditional copper wire product is aluminum. Not all projects are a good fit for aluminum to be selected over copper, so make sure to .
Belden Equals: What’s the difference?
Name brands can be expensive, even in the electrical industry. Belden is a brand that can fall into this "premium" category. For the customer that prefers a more cost effective option over the Belden brand, Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC) offers Belden equals. DWC has been stocking these products since 2011 and continues to add more variety to our inventory. Other than the brand name, what is the difference between .
High Temperature Wire Applications
Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC) stocks several types of high temperature wire. High temp wire is a hard to find specialty wire that is used in high heat conditions. It is used in several different applications, both commercial and industrial. Choosing the right high temp cable for high heat environments is crucial to meet your exact requirements. Knowing the application of what the wire will be used for can .
Wire & Fables: The Kingdom of Copper
Once upon a time, in The Kingdom of Copper, there was a bustle amongst the royals and the nobles. Stories about wire & cable were being told, and uncertainty spread quickly. The Kingdom knew it had to be stopped, and they began their journey to set the record straight with tales from Wire & Fables. Chapter 1: The Prince & The Part Numbers There were so many part numbers .
Tinned Copper vs Bare Copper
Bare copper is fairly resistant to corrosion, but when it is used in wet environments or places with high humidity, it can quickly become damaged.  When bare copper is operating at temperatures that exceed 100 degrees Celsius, it may start to degrade. This kind of damage can result in a loss of performance. If cost is of any concern, then bare copper is less expensive than its tinned counterpart. By coating bare .
PVC v.s. Plenum
What to choose, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or plenum? Consider asking yourself these simple questions to aid in the decision making process. If the building or wire were to catch fire, does the kind of smoke produced matter? No smoke is good for the human body to ingest, but if you had to choose… When a wire is coated in PVC and burns, it has tendency to produce Hydrogen Chloride .
DWC has Aluminum URD
If you watched the video above, you already know that we added Aluminum URD to our inventory.  If you haven’t watched the video, oops! We’ve let the cat out of the bag! Our Account Managers may not have the best rapping skillz, (Seriously, watch the video!) but their quoting skillz are top-notch.  Ask yours for a fastQuote on Aluminum URD today.