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Product Corner – ACSR
ACSR (aluminum conductor steel-reinforced) is a preferred choice for overhead power transmission and distribution projects. ACSR is widely used due to its low cost, dependability, and strength to weight ratio. The combined light weight and high conductivity of aluminum, combined with the strength of the steel core enables higher tensions, less sag, and longer spans… Read More
Flexible VFD Cable
MINIMIZE your customers’ downtime MAXIMIZE the life of their drives and motors With the Manufacturing sector regaining steam after a sluggish Spring, DWC Account Managers are seeing an increased demand for industrial wire & cable products. One line item that is showing up frequently in quote requests is Flexible VFD cables. Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)… Read More
Product Corner – Aluminum Wire & Cable
For projects with tight budget parameters, a cost-friendly wire & cable alternative to traditional copper are products with aluminum conductors. Not all project specifications are a good fit for aluminum, so it’s important to confirm the specific requirements for your customers’ project. For the savvy electrical distributor, the option of quoting a spec comprised of… Read More
In Case of Emergency
The situation… It’s 2:30 pm on Saturday afternoon and you receive an email from a key customer who is currently retooling an assembly line at their local factory. The Project Manager that you work with misread the list of required materials and they need an additional 3000 feet of VNTC so they can finish the… Read More
Wire & Cable Management Services – A valuable project partnership for shared success!
As an electrical distributor, you depend on seamless logistics and a solid supply chain to maximize your operations. While sourcing the right products for your customers is key, being able to provide the right logistical solutions is an important advantage. The smooth flow of goods from your vendors, through your branch location, and ultimately to… Read More
Belden Equals: It’s good to have options!
Name brands can often be expensive - even in the electrical industry. Belden is an established wire & cable brand that often falls into this "premium" category. For the electrical distributor or electrical contractor that prefers a cost-effective option to the Belden brand, Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC) offers Belden equals. At DWC, we've been… Read More
Wire & Cable Basics – Medium Voltage Cable
Electrical distributors who routinely serve customers in the industrial, commercial, and/or utility categories are no doubt familiar with medium voltage (MV) products. Medium voltage cables range from 2.4kV up to 35kV. For the most part, the basic construction of this type of cable along with its physical and electrical performance properties are similar from one… Read More
Aluminum URD
The Aluminum Alternative
If you have a customer with an upcoming project requiring wire & cable, you want to get them what they need, when they need it. In most cases, these projects are submitted to you with tight budget parameters. A cost effective alternative to offering a traditional copper wire product is aluminum. Not all projects are… Read More
High Temperature Wire Applications
Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC) stocks several types of high temperature wire. High temp wire is a hard to find specialty wire that is used in high heat conditions. It is used in several different applications, both commercial and industrial. Choosing the right high temp cable for high heat environments is crucial to meet your… Read More
Tinned Copper vs Bare Copper
Bare copper is fairly resistant to corrosion, but when it is used in wet environments or places with high humidity, it can quickly become damaged.  When bare copper is operating at temperatures that exceed 100 degrees Celsius, it may start to degrade. This kind of damage can result in a loss of performance. If cost is of any… Read More
PVC v.s. Plenum
What to choose, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or plenum? Consider asking yourself these simple questions to aid in the decision making process. If the building or wire were to catch fire, does the kind of smoke produced matter? No smoke is good for the human body to ingest, but if you had to choose… When a… Read More
DWC has Aluminum URD
If you watched the video above, you already know that we added Aluminum URD to our inventory.  If you haven’t watched the video, oops! We’ve let the cat out of the bag! Our Account Managers may not have the best rapping skillz, (Seriously, watch the video!) but their quoting skillz are top-notch.  Ask yours for a… Read More
Can I Get a 2/0 SOOW Cord?
Can I get a 2/0 SOOW Cord? The short answer is, no. SOOW isn’t made larger than 2 AWG. Don’t worry, because we have other products for you to consider. There are several mining cords that might work for you. These cords are similar to SOOW, which can be used in mines and are very flexible… Read More
Shopping for VFD and More
“This month, our Procurement Manager, Robert McCord, asked us to highlight a few of the items he’s been purchasing. As you may already know, he loves to shop for wire & cable- Especially when he gets the products that can help you with your customers! VFD– Variable Frequency Drive Cable. These cables are used to… Read More
High Temp Wire at DWC
DWC is now stocking high temperature wire, sizes 16-10 AWG. SRML, also known as SFF-2, is rated at 150ºC and is a 600V single conductor product.  It is available in black and a variety of other colors.  The fiberglass, non-fraying braid that covers SRML allows it to be used in high temperature applications. For higher… Read More
Solar Energy & Photovoltaic Wire
Solar energy, along with wind energy, are by far the two most popular forms of renewable energy sources in the world today. In this article, we will shine the light on the benefits and uses of solar power energy as well discuss the different type of solar wire commonly called photovoltaic wire. Where wind energy… Read More
XLP Tray Cable
This article explains a popular form of copper tray cable called XLP or sometimes referred to as XLPE tray cable. XLP tray cable is a 600 volt product that can be direct buried or installed in cable tray. XLP stands for cross linked polyethylene. The XLP is the insulation part of the tray cable. In… Read More
Sound & Security Wire
This article talks about the various types of sound and security wire available today. Sound and security wire is most commonly purchased as a stranded copper product. These types of wires are manufactured with a riser or plenum rating. Riser, which is commonly referred to as CMR, uses a PVC construction. Plenum, called CMP, can… Read More
XLP USE is a cross-linked polyethylene insulated single conductor stranded or solid bare copper wire. It is similar to XHHW building wire except this product is rated for direct burial applications. This product is also referred to as RHH/RHW meaning it meets the UL standard 854 for service entrance cable. XLP USE is rated for… Read More
Cat6 Cable: Category 6 Networking Cable
Cat6 Cable is a phone and Ethernet computer cable consisting of 4 pairs intimately twisted together with either a PVC (riser) or Plenum rating. Cat6 Cable is the latest standard in indoor phone and computer networking cable. It can be used in all cat3, cat5 and cat5e or enhanced applications. It is rated up to… Read More
The initials, or acronym, for XHHW stand for Cross-Linked High Heat Water Resistant Insulated Wire. This XHHW is the designation for a specific insulating material for electrical building wire and cable. The term XHHW also designates the temperature rating as well as the conditions that the cable can be used under. XHHW wire is generally used… Read More
SIS Wire: Switchboard Wire and SIS Cable
Switchboard Wire is most often referred to in the electrical industry as simply SIS wire. It is also at times called out by electricians and end users as UL3173. SIS wire, although simple in construction, is a very versatile cable used in many different applications. Some of those applications range from its obvious name, switchboard… Read More
Machine Tool Wire: Understanding MTW and UL1015
Machine Tool Wire, or most commonly referred to as MTW, is a stranded flexible hook up wire. MTW is used for the internal wiring of appliances including refrigeration equipment, automatic washers, air-conditioning equipment, control wiring for machine tools and in various other building applications. Although machine tool wire is qualified for many wiring applications it… Read More
Mining Cords: Type W Mining Cord
Today’s featured article is in regards to Type W mining cable, its construction and applications in the work place. Type W is a highly flexible, durable cable that is designed for rugged applications as we will discuss in further detail below. Let’s begin by breaking down it construction to give you a better sense of… Read More
Fire Alarm Cable: PVC & Plenum Fire Alarm Wire
Fire alarm cables are one of the most popular types of low voltage products on the market today. Fire alarm cable is found in all types of commercial and residential applications. Fire alarm cable is typically used on smoke detectors, fire protective circuits, fire alarms and other control signals used in fire protective circuits. Standard… Read More
SOOW: SO Cable and SO Rubber Cord
SO cable is one of the most popular and versatile portable electrical cords made today. These are multi-conductor cords, comprised of 2 or more conductors, which can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. This versatility allows SO cable to be utilized in a variety of environments. Although it is found in commercial, residential… Read More
VNTC Tray Cable
When it comes to functionality and diversity in the specialty wire and cable industry, it is without a doubt that tray cable stands out as the clear winner. VNTC Tray cable can be found inside buildings and factories, and in the great outdoors. It is approved for installation aerially with a messenger, in conduits, ducts… Read More
High Temperature Cable: SRML, TGGT, FEP, MGT Cables
This article discusses some of the most popular high temperature cables found today. It covers both insulating and jacketing compounds as well as common usages for these specialty electrical products. High temperature cables are required in various types of applications in today’s world. Many industries, both commercial and industrial, frequently depend on high temp cables… Read More
RG Coax Cable
This week’s article covers coaxial cable or most commonly referred to as simply coax. Coax utilizes many types of constructions for all types of data transmission applications. Coax was originally invented in 1929. Its most common use today is in cable television and Ethernet applications. Coax cable is called coaxial because it includes one physical… Read More
Teck 90 Cable
Teck 90 cable originated in Canada but is a popular product in many areas of the world today. Teck Cable is composed of bare copper conductors with cross linked polyethylene insulation giving it a XHHW rating. Standard temperature range for these Teck products is 90 degrees Celsius wet or dry with an emergency temperature range… Read More
Submersible Pump Cable: Sub pump wire
Today’s topic is Submersible Pump cable, or Sub Pump as its most commonly referred. This is a specialized product used to supply current/power to the Submersible Pump typically in deep wells. The cable needed for this type of application must be durable and reliable as the installation location and environment can be extremely restrictive as… Read More
Indoor Phone Wire: Category Phone Cable
Indoor phone and data cable is manufactured in multiple styles, sizes and pair counts. This brief article is used to explain the similarities and differences between the different categories of indoor phone wire. These twisted paired telephone cables are designed for high signal integrity. In other orders, they transmit phone and data signals such as… Read More
Medium Voltage Power Cable: MV 105 cables
This article is used to explain the most popular styles of copper medium voltage (MV) power cables and their usage. The standard range for medium voltage cables is between 5kV – 35KV. Medium voltage cables are used in main feeder, distribution and branch circuits in commercial, industrial and electric utility installations. The most prevalent insulating… Read More
VFD Cable
Variable frequency drives, or commonly known as VFD’s, use pulse width modulation (PWD) techniques to control AC drives. If improper cabling is used in these drives, the high frequency pulses found in VFD can cause destructive motor bearing currents. The answer to these frequency pulses is many times the uses of variable frequency drive cables… Read More
Outside Phone Wire: PE Style phone cable
There are many different constructions for outside phone cable. This article is used to explain the most popular styles as well as help identify the correct outside plant cable for your application. 1. REA Specification PE -22 – PE 22 is an aerial and duct outside plant copper phone cable. PE-22 uses a solid polyolefin… Read More
Building wire is generally used to carry electrical current to all external uses of power in a building or dwelling. This product is utilized in the construction of almost every industrial, residential and commercial building. The most popular type is THHN wire. THHN  stands for Thermoplastic High Heat-resistant Nylon coated. THHN can come in stranded or… Read More