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The CDC Manager Summit
Last month, Denver HQ was packed with more family members than usual. Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC) held its first Cable Distribution Center (CDC) Manager Summit. Managers flew in from all over the country for the three-day event. It was the first time they were all in the same place, and for most of them, it was also the first time they met each other in person. “It was .
Welcome Dan Ford
Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC) added a new family member to our sales team, Dan Ford. His background in accounting and finance is the perfect compliment to his new role as an account manager. Dan is a Colorado native who enjoys the outdoors. In his free time, during the winter, you can find him on the slopes of Winter Park Resort enjoying the fresh powder. When the Colorado weather .
Welcome to Denver HQ
At Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC), we pride ourselves on our unique company culture. Part of that culture stems from the fun things we provide to the DWC Family within our Denver HQ office. From the moment you enter the building, there is a surprise around every corner. When you walk through the front doors, you will be greeted by our account managers in the sales pit. In the .
Death on a Treadmill
Going above and beyond for our customer is just a way of life at Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC). When we receive a phone call from one of our distributor partners, no matter the request, we always do what we can to help them. On January 20, 2017, Account Manager, Joe Von Kennel was awarded the DWC Death on a Treadmill Award. This award is given to any DWC’er .
9th Annual Toys for Tots
The holiday’s are a magical time of year, which often brings out the best in humanity. This year, Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC) celebrated it’s 9th Annual Toys for Tots Toy Drive. Since the first toy drive, DWC has made it a mission to make a child’s Christmas, and this year was no exception. Hundreds of toys were collected in the DWC HQ office in Aurora, Colorado. They were .
2016 DWC Survey Results
When you work in an office every day, things can get rather monotonous. Go to work. Say hello to the weird guy who sits by the front door.  Drink your coffee. Stare at your computer and do what you think will make your customers happy and will help your business grow. At DWC, we look at things differently. When we get too comfortable, we tend to get uneasy. That’s .
Eating Healthy Seminar
Eating healthy is a daily, maybe even hourly struggle that many people face. The problem is that often, the cheapest, or easiest option isn’t always the healthiest. Sometimes, the things you think of as healthy may actually be full of pesticides. As part of our Live Healthy value, our People Development Manager, Laura Kitto, helped us address these issues. “I am really excited to incorporate our value of live .
Behind The Scenes
Our website is a labor of love…The thing is, not everyone knows that the photos on our website are real moments that actually happened. Since I was one of the photographers who worked on the site, I am dying to share a few of the stories with you. I wish we would all become supermodels from this site but for now, being famous in the distribution family is enough. .
Increased Inventory
At Distributor Wire & Cable, we focus on giving our customers what they want.  When asked how to improve the experience at DWC, customers asked for more items in stock.  Procurement Manager, Robert McCord, heard them loud and clear!  (He also got a bit giddy at the thought of shopping for more wire & cable.)  He has been working hard for the last few months to get the items customers are .
5 Things Companies Do To Provide Great Customer Service
In an era where technology is king and people-to-people interactions are becoming less relevant, what happens to those of us who still want to talk to a person and not a machine? The answer is  usually a less than friendly customer service representative who can’t wait to get off the phone. At Distributor Wire & Cable, we believe that great customer service is still a valuable part of business. .