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Now through August 31 DWC’S STAYCATION SWEEPSTAKES   Each wire & cable order of $2,500 or more gets your name entered in our Grand Prize Drawing! The more wire you buy – the better your chances of winning! PRIZE PACKAGE FEATURING OVER $500 IN BACKYARD FUN! Prize Package Includes YETI Tundra 35 Cooler Solid Wood… Read More
2020 Denver Heart Walk – A Virtual Success
If you’re familiar with DWC, you know that one of the values that we emphasize is: “Give Back, a Lot”. It is this value that drives the charitable missions that our company is involved in each year. One of these missions is the American Heart Association’s effort to help prevent, treat, and defeat heart disease.… Read More
Happy Logistics Appreciation Week!
By Ted Jolly   One of my personal takeaways from this COVID-19 experience is how much of a vital role Logistics teams play in everyone’s daily lives. Without the operations, warehouse, and transit folks that serve each and every link in the supply chain, commerce as we know it would stop. Without our own Logistics… Read More
Q&A with Travis Williams
Get to know DWC’s new CEO Q: What was it about the opportunity to join DWC that appealed to you for this next chapter of your career? When I was approached, a few things about DWC really stood out to me. First and foremost –  the culture. This is a great opportunity to work with… Read More
DWC Appoints Travis Williams as Chief Executive Officer
Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC) is excited to announce the appointment of Travis Williams as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Travis will assume leadership of the company and spearhead DWC’s strategic and operational direction moving forward. Travis replaces company founder, Bryce Huett, in this role, as Bryce has recently stepped away from day-to-day business to… Read More
Taking a Walk for Heart Health
– by Ted Jolly Ted Jolly is DWC’s resident “marketing geek” and is dedicated to informing customers about DWC’s outstanding products and services A few weeks ago, my wife, my son, and I spent a sunny Saturday morning attending the Denver Heart Walk with several of my DWC co-workers. It was a beautiful day for… Read More
Giving Back Matters
Every year, Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC) customers look forward to the NFL pick ‘em challenge at the beginning of football season. Within DWC, employees get excited for a league of their own. Each year, a few DWC’ers play in a buy-in fantasy football league where the winner takes the pot. But this year, they did things… Read More
Introducing Julian Fox
Introducing our newest Account Manager, Julian Fox. Julian Fox was born and raised in Colorado. He moved to Texas while in high school and when he graduated, he received a hockey scholarship. Julian declined the scholarship to enlist in the United States Army. After basic training, he attended airborne school and then completed ranger school.… Read More
2017 Year in Review
See what happened behind the scenes at DWC in 2017.  It’s our Year in Review! For Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC), 2017 was a whirlwind! Our family continued to grow throughout the year. We added seven new family members in several departments and two future DWC’ers were born this year! For the first time ever, DWC… Read More
DWC’s Toys for Tots Drive 2017
The Holidays can be magical and merry. . . In 2017, it seemed like Christmas was here in September. Stores stocked their shelves with decorations and the toy commercials started to pour in. Children across the country began counting down the days until Christmas morning. Everything started to become magical and merry! However, for some… Read More
Life as a DWC Sales Intern
Hello, my name is Jared Karlson. I am Distributor Wire & Cable’s (DWC) Sales Intern. I am currently a student at the University of Nebraska-Kearney (UNK) majoring in Industrial Distribution (ID). The ID Program helps prepare students for a career in technical sales or for a future in business leadership. I am graduating in May… Read More
Welcome Wayne Niederhaus
Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC) is excited to announce another addition to our sales team, Wayne Niederhaus. Before joining the DWC Family, Wayne worked as a sales manager at Arrow Electronics for twenty years. He saw some similarities between Arrow Electronics and DWC, which is what first attracted Wayne to DWC. For starters both companies are distributors.  Arrow Electronics… Read More
Let Us Have It!
Last month we asked you about our customer service, stock, what we could do better for you and more. We told you to let us have it because we’re big kids and could take it. Over 300 of you dished it out in just a few hours. . . And we’re happy you did. Here… Read More
2017 DWC Awards
On Cinco de Mayo, we held our second Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC) award ceremony. We have an extraordinary family and love to recognize them for their hard work. DWC’ers voted for their picks in eight different categories. Polls closed and the votes rolled in. The competition was fierce! There were at least ten to… Read More
The CDC Manager Summit
Last month, Denver HQ was packed with more family members than usual. Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC) held its first Cable Distribution Center (CDC) Manager Summit. Managers flew in from all over the country for the three-day event. It was the first time they were all in the same place, and for most of them,… Read More
Welcome Dan Ford
Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC) added a new family member to our sales team, Dan Ford. His background in accounting and finance is the perfect compliment to his new role as an account manager. Dan is a Colorado native who enjoys the outdoors. In his free time, during the winter, you can find him on… Read More
Welcome to Denver HQ
At Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC), we pride ourselves on our unique company culture. Part of that culture stems from the fun things we provide to the DWC Family within our Denver HQ office. From the moment you enter the building, there is a surprise around every corner. When you walk through the front doors,… Read More
Death on a Treadmill
Going above and beyond for our customer is just a way of life at Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC). When we receive a phone call from one of our distributor partners, no matter the request, we always do what we can to help them. On January 20, 2017, Account Manager, Joe Von Kennel was awarded… Read More
9th Annual Toys for Tots
The holiday’s are a magical time of year, which often brings out the best in humanity. This year, Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC) celebrated it’s 9th Annual Toys for Tots Toy Drive. Since the first toy drive, DWC has made it a mission to make a child’s Christmas, and this year was no exception. Hundreds… Read More
2016 DWC Survey Results
When you work in an office every day, things can get rather monotonous. Go to work. Say hello to the weird guy who sits by the front door.  Drink your coffee. Stare at your computer and do what you think will make your customers happy and will help your business grow. At DWC, we look… Read More
Eating Healthy Seminar
Eating healthy is a daily, maybe even hourly struggle that many people face. The problem is that often, the cheapest, or easiest option isn’t always the healthiest. Sometimes, the things you think of as healthy may actually be full of pesticides. As part of our Live Healthy value, our People Development Manager, Laura Kitto, helped… Read More
Behind The Scenes
Our website is a labor of love…The thing is, not everyone knows that the photos on our website are real moments that actually happened. Since I was one of the photographers who worked on the site, I am dying to share a few of the stories with you. I wish we would all become supermodels… Read More
Increased Inventory
At Distributor Wire & Cable, we focus on giving our customers what they want.  When asked how to improve the experience at DWC, customers asked for more items in stock.  Procurement Manager, Robert McCord, heard them loud and clear!  (He also got a bit giddy at the thought of shopping for more wire & cable.)  He has… Read More
5 Things Companies Do To Provide Great Customer Service
In an era where technology is king and people-to-people interactions are becoming less relevant, what happens to those of us who still want to talk to a person and not a machine? The answer is  usually a less than friendly customer service representative who can’t wait to get off the phone. At Distributor Wire &… Read More
DWC’S Online Product Catalog
Distributor Wire & Cable is proud to present its online product catalog.  With this electronic version, you can use the search feature to check out different product types and find all the items you need.  You can also click on the items from the table of contents!  Many of our product pages link to online… Read More
Stress Management
Everyone has stress, but not everyone knows how to manage it.  As part of our value to Live Healthy, we took a hard look at ourselves and the stress we feel every day. We learned two things from this self-reflection: one, massages are awesome, and two, there are some really easy ways to feel less… Read More
Presenting the DWC Flippers
Synchronized swimming is not for the faint of heart. It takes dedication. It is a combination of dance and gymnastics and when done properly it is a beautiful display of the arts. It took our team of synchronized “swimmers” an afternoon of rigorous practice to at least get the idea of what it’s like to… Read More
The Art of Mastering Leadership
Leadership is a big, scary word that gets thrown around quite often in the workplace.  What does leadership actually mean? What does it look like? At Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC) we have made it our mission to find great leaders and develop them through our Certified Master of Leadership Program (CML). Over the course… Read More
2015 DWC Awards
We have incredible people at Distributor Wire & Cable, and they make our family pretty awesome! With it being award season, we thought it was time to host the 2015 DWC Family Awards. Our Procurement Manager, Robert McCord, developed a list of awards. The rest was up to the DWC Family. On Friday, January 15th,… Read More
DWC Expands to California
Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC) is excited to announce that it is looking at expanding its business and exploring the opening of its ninth Cable Distribution Center in southern California. Kyle Emge, Business Development Specialist, will be spearheading the expansion and is looking forward to the sun and surf. “I have always wanted to live… Read More
DWC Safety Team Announces Chairman
Dan Johnson, DWC logistics specialist, has been named chairman of the 2016 DWC Safety Team. The team’s objective is to consistently deliver the safest workplace for the DWC Family. Dan brings experience to his position as chairman.  He was a safety team member at his previous company for three years and president for two of… Read More
Columbus CDC Open
We are thrilled to announce that we made it to the east in Columbus, Ohio. Our eighth cable distribution center (CDC) officially opened its doors on Monday, October 5th, 2015. With our new CDC, we can now offer will-call service to all of the Columbus area, and one-day shipping to Ohio, Indiana, parts of Southern… Read More
Operation Feedback
We spoke to a diverse group of our customers across the country. From Abilene to Cottage Grove and Whippany to Kennewick, you gave us your thoughts about your customer experience with Distributor Wire & Cable.  We heard about the things that are working for you and we heard about the things you’d like us to… Read More
The DWC Family Grows Again
The DWC Family is growing! In the past three months we added four new family members to our sales team. We’re happy to have them on board. The east coast crew is made up of John Ibbetson and Casey Christ. These two Senior Account Managers, along with our Director of Business Development, Pete Comber, make up… Read More
East or Bust
We are finally moving east! Columbus, Ohio will be our third cable distribution center (CDC) opening in 2015, and our eighth total. We are thrilled to add Columbus to the list of cities that we call home this October. After we officially opened our Philadelphia sales office, we couldn’t help but stop in the beautiful… Read More
6th Annual Hack’s & Whack’s Golf Tournament
Hot summer days can only mean one thing. Golf season is finally here! On Saturday, August 1st we hosted our 6th Annual Hack’s & Whack’s Golf Tournament. We returned to Saddle Rock Golf Course in Aurora, Colorado, for another shot at their beautiful greens. The winning team, “Help! My Ball Can’t Swim,” took home the… Read More
There is No Place Like Home
We are thrilled to announce that our seventh cable distribution center (CDC) is now open! Our Kansas City CDC officially opened its doors on Monday, May 18th, 2015, only two short months after the opening of our Reno CDC. With this new CDC we can offer will-call service to the entire Kansas City area and… Read More
The 2015 DWC Spring Games
Developing our family and the culture at DWC is something that we take very seriously.  We work very hard to provide superior customer service and be the best at what we do.  We wouldn’t be able to do that without working together as a team.  That is one of the reasons we started monthly team… Read More
fastQuote Challenge Recap
Thank you to everyone who took the fastQuote Challenge. We received some pretty spectacular emails and photos. The winners of the fastQuote Challenge are Matthew Abilia, Rexel Electric, and Wade Palmer, Stusser Electric Co. Even though the challenge is over don’t let that stop you from using fastQuote. Hope you enjoy seeing everyone’s entries just… Read More
DWC Meat & Greet Boot Camp
The DWC Outside Sales Team arrived in Denver Monday, April 20th for an intense boot camp that challenged their abilities and stretched their minds. This exciting, fast-paced training was designed to get them in tip-top shape and ready to visit you. The team went through three rigorous days of training at our Denver HQ. They… Read More
Take the fastQuote Challenge
Calling all DWC fans! We’re challenging you to try fastQuote. Imagine never having to use the fax machine and hardly ever having to pick up the phone. All you need is fastQuote. Simply fill out the information, hit send and in less than 5 minutes you have a quote back. Beginning May 5th we want you… Read More
Reno Now Open!
We are thrilled to announce that our sixth cable distribution center (CDC) is now open! Reno officially opened its doors on Wednesday, March 18, 2015, set-up and ready to go. With this new CDC we can now offer will-call service to all of Northern Nevada and one-day shipping to Northern California. Your wire is in… Read More
Hello Kansas City!
It has always been a goal of ours to be in two places at once. How else do you think we are so Crazy, Stupid Fast? We found the perfect city to help us accomplish this goal! Kansas City, which sits on the border of two states. Kansas City will be our second Cable Distribution… Read More
Welcome Pete Comber
While Pete Comber is not new to the electrical distribution family, he is new to the Distributor Wire & Cable Family. Pete has been in the industry for more than 20 years and we are excited to say that he is now our Director of Business Development. Pete will help the DWC Family grow by… Read More
The DWC Culture
It is Sunday evening and time to start planning for a hectic Monday morning. Is that little voice in your head dreading the start to another week, or is it secretly pumped about getting back to work?  For those of you who are secretly pumped, what makes you feel that way? Could it be a… Read More
Reno Here We Come!
Reno is home to the Truckee River,  the University of Nevada and the Awful Awful, considered by many to be the best late-night burger around!  It was the gambling capital of America before Las Vegas took off in the 1960s and now it will have another claim to fame! Reno will be the home of our newest Cable Distribution… Read More
After Christmas, Christmas Party 2015
The holidays are a time full of giving, family, friends and cheer that always starts early and ends too quickly. At Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC) we like to prolong the holidays just a bit with our After Christmas, Christmas Party. On January 9th, 2015, we invited the DWC Family and guests to The Tavern… Read More
Welcome to the Family
At DWC, we value being a Disruptive, Chaotic Force, not only within the electrical distribution industry, but also within our DWC Family. We are pleased to announce our new Chief Operating Officer, Dave Coy. He’s going to help us shake things up. Dave became part of our DWC Family on October 13, 2014, and is… Read More
Staying Healthy for the Holidays
During the holiday season many people struggle to stay healthy, especially when all they want to do is cozy up next to the fire, drink cocoa and watch holiday classics. One of our values at DWC is to Live Healthy. These tips will help you fight the struggle to be active! Don’t let the cold… Read More
DWC Presents the fastQuote Button
Everyone could use a helping hand every now and again. Just a little extra something to make life a bit easier. What about a smart button? Push the button and BOOM it’s done! Simple, right? The fastQuote button talks to your myDWC account. All you have to do is plug it in, and push it… Read More
Computers and online portals now rule the business world. Emails and phone calls are, believe it or not, becoming old school. With this shift, we too have decided to conduct business through our new online portal, myDWC. myDWC was designed with our customers in mind, based on their feedback. Through many hours of planning our… Read More
New Website is Like DWC Photo Album
With today’s technology, websites are always changing, growing and evolving. We decided it was time for our website to do the same. We have always thought of ourselves as a technology driven company that focuses on building great relationships. We just happen to sell wire and cable. It was time our website reflected that. In… Read More
Going Above and Beyond
It’s early Saturday morning and you are enjoying a cup of coffee and the Saturday paper. When you freeze mid-sip and realize that you forgot to order wire for your customer and it needs to be there by Monday! What do you do? First, don’t panic. Take a deep breath and go straight to your… Read More
Arizona Here We Come!
We were rafting down the Colorado River enjoying the nice summer sun when we took a detour and came upon some class five rapids. When we emerged from the rapids we saw a sign that read “The Grand Canyon State Welcomes You”. After enjoying the sights we decided that Arizona was the perfect place for… Read More
5th Annual Hack’s & Whack’s Golf Tournament
The crowd goes quiet as the golfer steps up to the tee. He is focused and ready.  He swings and the ball sails onto the green with ease. This is the dream of every golfer, a perfect shot every time. On Saturday, July 12th there were some perfect shots and some not-so-perfect shots at our… Read More
Pushing Our Fitness Goals
Living healthy can be a challenging and rewarding task that requires the help of a few friends to get you motivated and moving. At DWC, living healthy is one of our core values. To help family members stay true to our values, we opened a yoga studio at our Denver HQ. The studio is well… Read More
DWC Goes Green
Going green can be one of the easiest ways to give back to the Earth, but it is often overlooked. This month, we really focused on going green. It was brought to our attention by Robert McCord, general manager, that we waste a lot of natural resources, which could have been recycled and re-purposed.  He… Read More
The Dogs of DWC
Often times heading off to work means leaving your best friend at home alone all day. That is not the case for the dogs of DWC and their owners. Dogs are welcome in the office anytime. A box of dog treats and toys are always available for all doggy visitors to enjoy. When dogs arrive,… Read More
DWC Opens in Minneapolis
Our Minneapolis cable distribution center (CDC) is now open and ready for business. We are thrilled to call Minnesota our newest home. A shiny new CDC wouldn’t be complete without a new warehouse manager. Therefore, we would like to welcome Adam Peterson to the DWC family. He is a Wisconsin native, Green Bay Packer fan,… Read More
Live Healthy
One of our values at Distributor Wire & Cable is to Live Healthy. What does that mean exactly? It means getting enough rest each night, eating healthy, taking care of our bodies and having some good old-fashion fun. To get everyone inspired to achieve their fitness goals, we hosted a lunch and learn at our… Read More
After Christmas Christmas Party
Shouts of laughter and cries of defeat could be heard throughout The Tavern Downtown on Friday, January 10th. What brought such a rambunctious and energized group to the Tavern?  Why the Distributor Wire & Cable after Christmas Christmas party, of course. All night DWC family members and guests joined in shuffle board, mini bowling, billiards,… Read More
The Year in Review
This year was a crazy, stupid, fast roller coaster year for our Distributor Wire & Cable family. Throughout 2013 our DWC family has doubled in size! This year, 24 new family members joined DWC. These family members include: Marketing: Jessica Floyd, Tina Thorpe and Aly Daugherty ; Sales: Chris Beaty, Joe Von Kennel, Shawn Winn,… Read More
Staying Healthy this Holiday Season
For many people staying healthy during the holidays can be a difficult task, especially when temptation is lurking behind every corner. Not this year! You can beat the holiday bulge by following these ten easy steps. Eat four to six smaller meals rather than saving yourself for that special holiday meal Many people think that… Read More
Midwest Here We Come!
Distributor Wire & Cable Company announces plans to open their next cable distribution center in the spring of 2014. DWC is making the move to the land of 10,000 lakes. Don’t worry their distribution center will be on solid ground located in the Minneapolis area. “Moving into the Midwest will shorten our transit times to… Read More
DWC Opens in Texas
On October 14th the DWC family will be opening the doors to its newest facility in Grand Prairie, Texas. This expansion will allow us to offer will call business in the DFW Metroplex as well as overnight shipping to all of West & Central Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. That means more wire at even… Read More
We Are Listening…
A key to the success DWC has had in electrical distribution has, and will always be, the collection and analysis of customer feedback as it pertains to our service and products. The feedback received dictates which products are stocked in our cable distribution centers. Customer feedback has been a major factor in the fast growth… Read More
What better way to celebrate a 17,000 sq ft expansion than with BBQ, bouncey houses, and a balloon twister. Wired-4-Fun was the event to celebrate the accomplishments of the DWC family, and yet another expansion of the Denver Headquarters. Employees and their families were invited to join in for some family fun at the new… Read More
The Denver Warehouse Is Now Bigger and Better Than Ever!
Great news! The Denver Warehouse has doubled its capacity! The expansion began on July 1st and completed by July 12th. The expansion reflects Distributor Wire & Cable’s growth and is opening plenty of opportunities for the company.   This is the second expansion that DWC has had in the last 3 years. “The expansion is allowing… Read More
DWC’s 4th Annual Hack’s & Whack’s Golf Tournament
Distributor Wire & Cable hosted its 4th Annual Hack’s & Whack’s Golf Tournament at Fitzsimons Golf Course on July 13th. Participants were able to arrive early for some last minute range balls before the shotgun start at 12:30. “This is my favorite event to attend. I look forward to going every single year,” said Jeff… Read More
The Greatest Wealth is Your Health
“Spring into Summer” is a focus on calorie burning activities that builds a new found understanding for fitness and health.  DWC’s goal is to get employees on the right path by providing education about the importance of exercise, health and nutrition. The mission of “Spring into Summer” is to influence employees to try a new… Read More
Breeze Gunderson
DWC Launches People Development Department
We believe that in order to build an organization which achieves real results, we need to invest in developing our people. We have to create a culture of developing and supporting people who will ensure we have access to a skilled and flexible workforce. We would like to proudly introduce to you, our People Development… Read More
DWC Book Book Nook
Welcome to the DWC Book Book Nook
Any employee of DWC can agree how challenging, crazy and exciting this organization can be. At one time or another, employees have pulled from different resources in an effort to regain their sanity, and in some cases, save or jump-start their career. DWC’s goal is to create an environment where career survival techniques can be shared among… Read More
DWC’s Best Pet Stories
DWC wanted to show some love to the pups who has warmed the hearts of our customers by giving them “DWC Love Me” dog bandannas. The dogs rocked the bandannas with pride.Check out these stylish dogs with their DWC Dog Bandannas and a few of the stories behind these cute faces. “Bella, the Texas Cow-Dog”… Read More
2012 NFL Challenge & Distributor Diary Results Announced
Distributor Wire’s two most popular contests wrapped up in late December with exciting finishes for their wholesale partners. “Our distributors really enjoy competing against each other in both the Distributor Diary and DWC NFL Challenge,” remarked Matt Stumphf who is in outside sales at DWC.  “We had hundreds of participants from more than 30 different… Read More
DWC Announces Dallas, TX Location Opening in 2013
Distributor Wire & Cable announces plans to open their 3rd location in early 2013 in Dallas, TX. “We have been focusing on Texas, and the surrounding region, for the past year to prepare for this new location.  The wholesalers have already been embracing our brand, services and products on a high level making this a… Read More
DWC Now Offers 24/7 Quote Guarantee
Distributor Wire, an exclusive partner to electrical wholesalers, extends its services by offering 1 hour guaranteed quotes on the weekends and after hours. “We have learned our wholesalers are working long and hard hours to ensure superior service levels,” remarked Kyle McBride who is in inside sales at DWC.  McBride continued, “Our mobile technology now… Read More
During the month of September, the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) approved Distributor Wire & Cable as an Associate Value Added-Reseller. Tyler Waggoner from DWC who worked with  the NAED registration commented, “It took us a little while to break through with  NAED, but we believe that partnering with  NAED is important for not… Read More
Distributor Wire Launches Org
From the inception of Distributor Wire & Cable Company, the business has had a firm goal of one day giving back to the electrical wholesale community.  The development of this idea began in the  summer of 2008 when 4 year old Ian Huett drew the letters Org on a piece of paper for his father.… Read More
DWC’s 3rd Annual Hack’s & Whack’s Golf Tournament
July 21, 2012, Distributor Wire and Cable held their 3rd Annual Hack’s & Whack’s Golf Tournament at Fitzsimons Golf Course in Aurora, Colorado. Record-breaking attendance at the tournament created a fun atmosphere that everyone could enjoy.  Maggie Workman, who has been a part of the Hack’s & Whack’s Golf tournament every year, commented, “The turnout… Read More
DWC Sponsors CED Denver’s 15th Annual Clay Shoot
For the 4th year in a row, DWC sponsors CED, Denver at their 15th Annual Clay Shoot. A group of six DWC employees headed up to Kiowa, Colorado to help out with the event. CED once again surprised everyone with the quality of the event.  Robert Saldi with DWC sales commented, “This is the third year I have… Read More
Sumo Wrestling Makes Its Way to Distributor Wire
On June 12, 2012, DWC kicked-off their first annual Sumo Social at their Denver facility. With the growth DWC has experienced the past few months, there was no better way to bring the entire DWC Gang together than with sumo wrestling, cold beverages  and delicious food. “This was a perfect time for everyone to get… Read More
DWC Expands Sales Staff in Denver & Portland
Distributor Wire, a leading supplier of specialty wire and cable supporting wholesale distribution, adds two additional agents to their sales team. Ben Sabados, a recent graduate of Regis University in Denver, joins the inside sales team in Denver.  Ben will be handling distributor accounts in the Rocky Mountain and Southwest Region for DWC. Ryan Huett,… Read More
DWC Salutes Wholesalers Service to Military
In honor of Memorial Day, Distributor Wire is saying thank you to their wholesale partners in May by giving each customer who served in any branch of the military a free limited edition DWC camouflage golf polo. “We can never forget the amount of sacrifice our men and women of the armed forces have made… Read More
DWC Adds Twinning / Twisting Machine to Value Add
  Distributor Wire expanded their value added service in April by purchasing a new wire twisting machine for their Denver, CO location. This state-of-the-art twister has the ability to twist cables, such as MTW and THHN, from sizes 10 AWG to 28 AWG at very fast speeds. The speed of the new twister is very… Read More
Bracket Buster Contest Sets Player Record
Distributor Wire kicked off the DWC March Madness Bracket Buster Contest on March 12th for their wholesale partners. “This contest is one of the favorites for our distributors,” commented Rodney Evans at DWC.  “We have over 1000 players enrolled to play which is more than double of the previous year.  Many of them in the Pacific Northwest, the place… Read More
DWC Announces 3 New Locations Opening by 2015
Distributor Wire & Cable, an industry leader selling specialty wire and cable through wholesale distribution, announces the opening of three new stocking locations by the beginning of 2015. “Our brand has exploded in the past four years,” remarked Tyler Waggoner, who will head up the three year growth plan at DWC.  “We are currently servicing wholesalers in… Read More
Distributor Wire Host Meat & Greet For Wholesalers
Distributor Wire & Cable puts a new spin on introducing its products, services and technology to the electrical distributor with the DWC Meat & Greet. “The industry standard Lunch & Learn process has become antiquated.  The Meat & Greet we offer the wholesalers is technology based, more interactive and adds a level of entertainment to the presentation making… Read More
2011 Distributor Diary Winners & Photos
With over 1000 votes being placed; the first, second, and third place photos have been announced in DWC’s first ever Distributor Diary Contest. The Distributor Diary was added to the one-of-a-kind DART system back in February of 2011. It allowed DART members to upload photos to DART where they could be viewed throughout the year. DART… Read More
DWC & Wholesalers Set Toy Record
Distributor Wire & Cable, an industry leader in selling specialty wire and cable selling through wholesale distribution, completed their 4th Annual Toys For Tots Drive by donating over 1200 toys to needy children this holiday season. “This year we made giving back even easier by allowing our DART Members the ability to make a toy… Read More
DWC & Crum Electric Collaborate on United Way Donation
Distributor Wire & Cable and Crum Electric joined forces in November to make a donation to the United Way of Natrona County. Dave Lacey, outside sales for Crum Electric in Casper, WY, wanted to do something nice this holiday season with his reward points in his DART account.  Initially, he thought he could get something… Read More
DWC Adds Mining Cords, Belden & Belden Equals To Inventory
Distributor Wire & Cable introduces new product families into their Denver and Seattle facilities.  DWC’s new inventory investment includes Type W Mining Cords, Type G Mining Cords, Type GG-C Mining Cords, Classic Belden and Belden Equals. In the mining family, DWC is offering cut to length orders for 4/c Type W, 3/c Type GG-C and 4/c Type… Read More
Seattle Washington CDC Opens For Business
On September 6, 2011, Distributor Wire, a master wire and cable distributor exclusively supporting wholesale distribution, officially opened its new Seattle Cable Distribution Center (CDC). This new stocking location will be the home to many types of specialty wire and cable supporting the electrical wholesalers in the Pacific Northwest region.  Additionally, DWC will be able to value add their… Read More
Iris Opens Door for Future Growth
Distributor Wire’s software development team recently created the latest in digital wire and cable inventory tracking, receiving and order fulfillment.  The Inventory Receiving & Identification System, or Iris, virtually guarantees correct order procesing and receiving for the DWC Cable Distribution Centers.  “We interviewed over a dozen different software companies to potentially outsource the most advanced bar coding and inventory management systems… Read More
DART Mobile Breaks New Ground
Distributor Wire entered the mobile arena launching DART Mobile™ in July of 2011.  The first of its kind in the electrical wholesale industry.  This new mobile division of DWC will provide their wholesale partners on-the-go access to DART, The Distributor Access & Resource Terminal. “We have had quite a few of our customers, mainly managers and outside sales agents, request a mobile… Read More
DWC Sponsors CED Denver’s Annual Clay Shoot
CED in Denver, CO hosted their 14th Annual Sporting Clay Shoot on Saturday June 18th at Quail Run in Kiowa, CO. Bill Aki, outside sales at CED, organizes and hosts the event each year for all of CED’s customers. Shooters from all over the state come to compete for bragging rights and big prizes. This… Read More
Distributor Wire Announces Location Opening in Seattle, WA
Distributor Wire & Cable, an industry leader selling specialty wire and cable through wholesale distribution, announces plans to expand their brand into the Pacific Northwest in the late summer of 2011. “We’ve been preparing to open this new location for over a year.  Once we located the perfect facility, and secured the necessary distributor relationships… Read More
2nd Annual Hack’s & Whack’s
Distributor Wire & Cable hosted their 2nd Annual Hack’s & Whack Golf Tournament on May 15, 2011 at the Fitzsimons Golf Course in Aurora, CO. “This year we had a huge turnout,” remarked Chris Camp who is in sales at DWC. “There were 18 total teams with over 70 players from all over the state of… Read More
Supply CHAIN Portal Goes Live
In May of 2011, Distributor Wire’s information technology team created CHAIN – a proprietary online portal made exclusively available to their approved suppliers. This unique portal gives their wire and cable suppliers a 24/7 online account to provide DWC with real time information about their products and services.  Suppliers can upload price sheets, inventory lists, production schedules and overstock specials.  This… Read More
DART Checkout Debuts
Distributor Wire released its beta version of DART Checkout™ in April of 2011.   DART Checkout™ provides their DART members the unique ability to process their own purchase orders directly from inside their quote. DART Checkout™ utilizes simple pop-up screens to guide the user through the order entry process.  The customer is able to enter their purchase order number, select their… Read More
DART Goes 2.0
DART, Distributor Wire’s one of a kind order/quote management system, releases 2.0 version to its members. The newer improved DART includes various productivity features and upgrades over its predecessor with a fresh 2.0 design. • Freight Estimator – This tool gives DART members instant freight quotes + transit times for UPS and LTL shipments.  Simply plug… Read More
Distributor Wire Offers “SR Days” To Their Employees
In January of 2011, Distributor Wire offered each one of their full time employees two Social Responsibility days off each year.  These “SR Days” are fully paid by DWC, and are in addition to the employee’s normal vacation/personal days off. An employee can qualify for a “SR Day” by using at least half of his… Read More
DWC Launches 1st Ever Distributor Diary
Distributor Wire recently created the industry’s 1st photo diary to log their employees and customer’s special moments each year. The Distributor Diary was added as a new feature to their one-of-a-kind DART system. It allows their membership the ability to upload their photos throughout the year to be viewed online in their DART account. “We… Read More
2010 DWC Fitness Challenge – The Results!
2010 brought many good things to Distributor Wire but nothing was as important as their employee’s health. The DWC Fitness Challenge gave each employee a chance to set a personal fitness goal and work all year to accomplish it. The payoff – $1000 vacation travel voucher to the destination of their choice in 2011. “We… Read More
3rd Annual Toys For Tots Drive A Success
DWC’s 3rd Annual Tots Drive helped bring Christmas cheer to many under-privileged boys and girls this holiday season. “This is a very important time for our company each year. We hope to continue to make a difference in the community through this annual drive,” remarked Sheila Gentile who is the head of operations at DWC.… Read More
DWC’s 3rd Annual Toys For Tots Drive Kicks Off
October 1st kicked off the 3rd Annual Toys For Tots Drive at Distributor Wire & Cable. This year DWC is hoping to collect over 500 new toys for local boys and girls who are less fortunate in the holiday season. “We really enjoy this time of the year and having the ability to make a… Read More
DWC’s Inaugural Hacks & Whacks Golf Tourney
Distributor Wire hosted their inaugural Hacks & Whacks Golf Tournament on August 21, 2010 for their local distributor partners. The golf event was held at Fitzsimons Golf Course in Aurora, CO. The tourney was a scramble format consisting of 4 players per group. Also, there were five gimmick holes on the course for players including… Read More
Distributor Wire & Cable Launches DART
Distributor Wire & Cable creates a new way for their wholesale partners to take advantage of their great products and services with the launching of their proprietary DART system. DART, or the Distributor Access & Resource Terminal, gives each customer their own online area to tap into many helpful tools and resources offered by DWC.… Read More
Distributor Wire Opens New Facility / Increases Staff
Distributor Wire & Cable Company recently expanded into an adjacent facility when a neighboring tenant was forced to foreclose. The adjacent unit, combined with their current facility, provides DWC with 33,000 square feet of office and warehouse space. “Our customer’s have continually asked us to increase our inventory levels. We have responded with the opening… Read More
Who Says There Ain’t No Such Thing as A Free Lunch
In early 2010, Distributor Wire & Cable added to their company wellness plan by offering free breakfast and lunch to all of its employeees. The catch is the employees must eat the foods made available to them by DWC. Foods such as lean turkey, skim milk, protein shakes and bars, whole wheat breads, fresh fruits… Read More
DWC March Madness Contest Winner Picks Duke
Distributor Wire hosted The DWC March Madness Contest for all of its distributor partners to play. Big prizes were awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and even last place. “With over 250 players competing in this year’s contest the competition was fierce,” mentioned Robert McCord, outside sales agent for Distributor Wire. Contest players were awarded a… Read More
DWC Fitness Challenge 2010
Distributor Wire created the “DWC Fitness Challenge” this year to encourage all of its employees to lead a healthier lifestyle. The challenge allows participating employees to pick one fitness goal to try and achieve in the calendar year. Fitness goals range from endurance challenges such as marathons, strength test, and of course, weight loss. Ricardo… Read More
DWC NFL Challenge Winners Are Announced
Distributor Wire & Cable kicked off the 2009 NFL season with the DWC NFL Challenge. The contest allowed their distributor partners to log into an online account at the DWC website to make NFL picks each week for great prizes. The contest tracked the winning percentage of each player and awarded weekly and grand prizes… Read More
DWC Toy Drive A Success
Distributor Wire & Cable delivered holiday cheer to under-privileged children this Christmas season with the completion of their 2nd Annual Toys for Tots Drive. The mission of the U. S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program is to collect new, unwrapped toys during October, November and December each year, and distribute those toys as… Read More
DWC’s 2nd Annual Toys for Tots Drive
Distributor Wire & Cable, a leading specialty wire and cable company based in Colorado, is delivering Christmas cheer with their 2nd Annual Toys for Tots Drive. DWC has pledged one new toy for every order over $1000 placed by their distributor partners between October 1st and December 1st. The annual charity drive last year led… Read More
Distributor Wire’s Operation Giveback A Success
Distributor Wire & Cable, a leading supplier of specialty wire and cable exclusively supporting wholesale distribution, helps support the troops with Operation Giveback. With Operation Giveback, DWC pledged to send one box of non-perishable supplies to a member of the 2nd Battalion 1st Marine Truck Platoon Unit #40185 for every $500 order place by their… Read More
DWC’s 1st Annual Toys For Tots Drive
Distributor Wire & Cable Company hosted their inaugural Toys for Tots Drive. The event kicked off in early November 2008 with DWC pledging to donate a toy for every order they received until December 15th. After totaling the orders, DWC was able to donate over 150 toys to the Toys for Tots organization. “The success… Read More
Distributor Wire Announces Grand Opening In Denver, CO
Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC), a Denver, Colorado company, in May of 2008 announces the grand opening of the first specialty wire and cable company based in the Rocky Mountain Region that exclusively sells through electrical wholesale distribution. DWC inventories a variety of specialty wire and cable products which include tray cables, fire alarm cables,… Read More