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Life as a DWC Sales Intern

Hello, my name is Jared Karlson. I am Distributor Wire & Cable’s (DWC) Sales Intern. I am currently a student at the University of Nebraska-Kearney (UNK) majoring in Industrial Distribution (ID). The ID Program helps prepare students for a career in technical sales or for a future in business leadership. I am graduating in May of 2018 but the only thing standing in my way is a required internship. Long story short, that is how I ended up at DWC!

Prior to my internship, I didn’t know a lot about DWC or wire and cable but on my first day everyone made me feel welcome. One of my favorite things about DWC is that they have developed a well-rounded, strong culture that makes it enjoyable to be at work. Being in the sales pit daily with all the the account managers was always interesting. I never knew that selling wire and cable could be so fun!

During my internship, my main goal was to work in every department to find out what I loved to do the most. I accomplished this and many projects along the way. One of my favorite things was Outside Sales. I like to talk to people face-to-face. When I traveled with one of our Business Development Specialists, Kyle Emge, I got to experience meeting with customers first hand. The hardest part of the internship was getting a feel for the products. It all started in the warehouse when I took total inventory. Taking inventory helped me understand what products we stock and where they are located. After getting an understanding of our product base, I rolled into the other departments and learned how everyone contributes to DWC.

Jared Karlson, DWC Sales InternIt was a big adjustment getting used to Colorado living. For starters, there is a lot less corn. Also, there aren’t as many cows, making cow tipping out of the question. However, trying new things wasn’t a problem for me! For example, I went hiking and kayaking, checked out a few concerts at amphitheaters and attended Rockies games too. I had a blast over the summer.

No words can describe how thankful I am to everyone at DWC for welcoming me into the family. This was an amazing opportunity to gain experience in the industry. DWC provided me an outstanding insight on how to operate a successful company.

Welcome Wayne Niederhaus

Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC) is excited to announce another addition to our sales team, Wayne Niederhaus. Before joining the DWC Family, Wayne worked as a sales manager at Arrow Electronics for twenty years. He saw some similarities between Arrow Electronics and DWC, which is what first attracted Wayne to DWC. For starters both companies are distributors.  Arrow Electronics is a distributor of computing products, and of course, DWC distributes wire & cable! Another thing he liked was DWC’s purpose and values.

“DWC’s values really spoke to me after working in management for so long. I consider myself a nurturer, and after reading through the values, they really connected with me,” said Wayne.

In his free time, Wayne enjoys fishing the numerous lakes and streams across Colorado. He prefers to fish for trout and bass in the Rocky Mountains.  However, his biggest catch was in Florida during a business trip. Wayne caught a thirty-five pound sheepshead fish! When he isn’t fishing, Wayne enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter.

Give Wayne a call at 888.439.2947 and welcome him to the DWC Family.

Let Us Have It!

Last month we asked you about our customer service, stock, what we could do better for you and more. We told you to let us have it because we’re big kids and could take it. Over 300 of you dished it out in just a few hours. . . And we’re happy you did. Here are the results of YOUR feedback for 2017.

Where does DWC rank on your totem pole?

DWC on the Totem Pole
Many of you said that we were number 1. However, there is certainly some room for growth here. If we are number 2 or lower on your totem pole, please know that we will continue to work toward getting to that number 1 spot. We want to be your “go to!”

How do you rank our customer service?

DWC's Customer Service Level
This brought tears to our eyes. DWC strives for exceptional customer service. The blue on that graph is so beautiful! We’re going to work on the red. . . Good might be acceptable for others, but it isn’t our thing.

When you think of DWC, what comes to mind?

DWC Industrial & Residential
The majority of you answered that you think of DWC for industrial and residential wire & cable. That’s great, because we sell both! If you weren’t aware of our product offerings, talk to your account manager or check out our online product catalog. You can also learn about all the products we sell at distributorwire.com. Our videos are a great tool for anyone wanting to know more about wire & cable. Don’t forget, DWC is also able to dye, stripe and twist wire and there is no additional charge to cut to length!

What would make our customer service better?
We had some suggestions here, like putting a DWC Cable Distribution Center across the street from your location. Someone mentioned that we should have two Robert Saldis! (Robert is one of our Account Managers.) Great suggestions! We would love to be next door to each and every one of you. Plus, two Saldis? Sounds like a party! On a side note, Robert is a twin, so there actually are two Saldis…

DWC's Robert Saldi and twin brother
In all seriousness, some of the things mentioned here were more frequent visits from your account manager and more local stock. We hear you. Jack Pando, former Account Manager, has stepped up to a business development role and will be traveling the U.S. to check in with you. Plus, DWC is committed to growing its inventory. We asked you about the products you are looking for and our procurement department is looking over your suggestions with a fine toothed comb! We will have some exciting announcements about this before the end of the year.
(Believe it or not, you also mentioned that you’d like free candy. We’ll get our Marketing Team on it!)

We want more feedback. Let us have it.
One of DWC’s values is Build 2 Rebuild. We are always looking for ways to make our customers happier and give them the most exceptional customer service possible. We can only do that with your help. If you didn’t participate in giving us feedback, you didn’t miss the boat. Send us your concerns, questions and good thoughts anytime! Talk to your account manager or call and ask for our Marketing Director, Tina Thorpe or Director of Sales, Keegan Bast. They love to talk about DWC, the good, bad and the ugly. Go ahead, let us have it!

2017 DWC Awards

On Cinco de Mayo, we held our second Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC) award ceremony. We have an extraordinary family and love to recognize them for their hard work.

DWC’ers voted for their picks in eight different categories. Polls closed and the votes rolled in. The competition was fierce! There were at least ten to fifteen different nominees in every category. Here are our winners:

Chris Harrison, CDC Manager, walked away with two awards. He won the  Energizer Bunny Award, for being Crazy Stupid, Fast, and the Duct Tape Award, for being able to fix just about anything.

Moe Mao, Logistics Specialist, took home the Biggest Heart Award. One of DWC’s values is to Give Back, A Lot, and he truly does!

Robert Saldi, Senior Account Manager, was awarded the Wise Owl Award for giving the best advice.

Keegan Bast, Director of Sales, snagged the Live Healthy Award by being mentally and physically healthy, rocking another one of DWC’s values!

Joe Von Kennel, Senior Account Manager, reeled in the Carpe Diem Award. He embraces every day and every opportunity.

Chris Beaty, Senior Account Manager, won the Best Ping Pong Player Award for holding down the table in the office.

Ann Harrison, Admin Marketing Assistant, took away the Rookie of the Year Award. We are excited to see what is in store for her next year.

It was another great year at DWC and we have a lot to be thankful for. We can’t wait to see who wins next year!

The CDC Manager Summit

Last month, Denver HQ was packed with more family members than usual. Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC) held its first Cable Distribution Center (CDC) Manager Summit. Managers flew in from all over the country for the three-day event. It was the first time they were all in the same place, and for most of them, it was also the first time they met each other in person.

“It was great to see the team come together so effortlessly during the summit,” said Eric Hackler, Logistics District Manager. “We had been battle tested together, coming to each other’s aid when needed. It was good to finally be in the same place to share our bond.”

The first day started out with a tour of the office and reconnecting with the Denver HQ family members. After making their rounds, the CDC Managers made their way into the conference room for an ice breaker. They each shared a fact about themselves that no one knew. Adam Peterson, Logistics District Manager, admitted to breaking both arms at the same time when he was in second grade. Kansas City CDC Manager, Toby Henderson, told the group that he played minor league baseball with Albert Pujols.

On day two, the CDC Managers met with the marketing team to cover the importance of the DWC Brand. In an activity, the group matched up logos with the appropriate company. This demonstrated how important it is to stay consistent with branding. From there, the Managers made their way to another team building activity that focused on communication. They stood on the same tarp and by communicating with each other, they flipped it onto the other side without anyone stepping off. It took a little time, but the guys were able to complete the challenge successfully.

“Sometimes, the first idea isn’t the best but trial and error can always be your best adviser,” said Adam.

On the last day of the summit, the CDC Managers came together to talk about what the future holds for the logistics department. After spending time with different departments, they collaborated on new ideas, communication and ultimately, how to bring their logistics teams to the next level. Denver HQ enjoyed having all the CDC Managers visit and it was hard for everyone to say their goodbyes. Luckily, they will always be able to video chat to stay connected!