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“Have it Your Way” – Value Added Services Provide Tailored Solutions for Your Customers
Remember the old Burger King ad campaign: “Have it Your Way”?  They stopped featuring that slogan in their commercials back in 2014, but for 40 years, it was one of those advertising jingles that stuck in your head no matter how hard you tried to ignore it. As an electrical distributor, you know that each project, each contractor, and each end-user all have their own unique requirements. As it .
2020 Denver Heart Walk – A Virtual Success
If you’re familiar with DWC, you know that one of the values that we emphasize is: “Give Back, a Lot”. It is this value that drives the charitable missions that our company is involved in each year. One of these missions is the American Heart Association’s effort to help prevent, treat, and defeat heart disease. DWC’s support of the American Heart Association hits close to home for us. In .
Seattle CDC
Seattle CDC Under New Management
Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC) appoints new Cable Distribution Center (CDC) Manager at Seattle location. Even in the current economic climate, bringing in quality individuals to support our customers remains crucial. In keeping with this, DWC is excited to introduce the newest member of our Operations team, Kniko Hart. Hart will serve as the CDC Manager of our Seattle location. Kniko started his career in South Florida, as a .
Happy Logistics Appreciation Week!
By Ted Jolly   One of my personal takeaways from this COVID-19 experience is how much of a vital role Logistics teams play in everyone’s daily lives. Without the operations, warehouse, and transit folks that serve each and every link in the supply chain, commerce as we know it would stop. Without our own Logistics teams here at Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC), our company couldn’t operate and our .
Understanding VFD Cables
Understanding VFD Cables
A variable frequency drive (VFD) is a type of controller that drives a motor by varying the frequency and voltage supplied to the motor. It allows the user to change the speed or output of the motor. VFDs use pulse width modulation (PWD) to control the frequency of the signal and voltage to control motor speed. If you use improper cabling, the high frequency pulses can cause an insulation breakdown .
The Baker Hughes Rig Count – The Barometer for the Oil & Gas Industry
Like many businesses, electrical distributors located in specific regions of the country are key suppliers to the oil & gas sector. From the North Slope of Alaska down to the Eagle Ford Shale Play in South Texas, the energy industry can be a significant market driver within the electrical supply chain. With recent declines in demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic, along with the Saudi-Russia price war, the oil .
Let’s Give Back, A Lot – to Healthcare
A message to electrical distributors from DWC’s CEO, Travis Williams During the past several weeks, I’ve been blown away by the valor displayed by people from all walks of life that are combating the coronavirus. From the healthcare workers and first responders that are caring for the sick, to the truck drivers and logistics personnel that are helping to replenish empty shelves; the remarkable examples of American spirit from .
Tray cable application
Applied: Tray Cable
Tray cables are an all-around product that are used in multiple industries. You can find them in industrial and commercial settings meeting demands from light to heavy-duty applications. They are used in control and power applications and are the perfect cable for general use. From industrial plants to steel mills, tray cable’s application versatility is extensive. Selecting the right tray cable product for your customer’s project is crucial, and .
Keeping Up Sales in a Down Market
With all that is happening in the news lately, a global recession is a distinct possibility. The coronavirus outbreak has forced a multitude of business interruptions which are certain to have an impact on our economy. It’s too soon to predict the severity or the timing of this, but it is possible to begin preparations to help minimize the effects of an economic downturn. You may not be able .
Business Development Team Expansion
Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC) expands its business development team to serve customers better! Introducing Sarah Fogg, Business Development Specialist Hailing from Clarkston, MI, Sarah started out in the restaurant industry. With a knack for sales, she started working for a coffee distributor as a service sales agent. Her client base ranged from hospitals to stadiums to car dealerships. Ready to grow and sharpen her skills, Sarah went on .