2017 Year in Review

See what happened behind the scenes at DWC in 2017.  It’s our Year in Review!

For Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC), 2017 was a whirlwind! Our family continued to grow throughout the year. We added seven new family members in several departments and two future DWC’ers were born this year!

For the first time ever, DWC held a Cable Distribution Center (CDC) Manager Summit. All CDC managers met at our headquarters in Denver, CO and were able to collaborate on new ideas, communication and ultimately, how to bring our logistics teams to the next level.

DWC'ers Having FunWe enjoyed the summer with our DWC Family at a Colorado Rockies game! The Rockies didn’t take the win that night but we all had a great time.

In July, we hosted our annual Hack’s & Whack’s Golf Tournament. Our local customers and suppliers enjoyed a round of golf with DWC’ers. Everyone went home feeling like a winner!Kyle McBride Warming Up


By the end of summer, we were hungry to Give Back, A Lot. DWC’ers stepped up to support A Million Thanks, an organization that supports our active, reserve and veteran military members by sending millions of letters filled with words of thanks and encouragement.

Eclipse Through Glasses at DWC


Our Denver HQ was near the path of totality for the solar eclipse. We were lucky to witness one of nature’s most incredible sights. With only a few pairs of viewing glasses, DWC Family members took turns using the glasses to see the eclipse. 

September was a month that shook the entire DWC Family. Our family member, Rob Spencer, Procurement Specialist, passed away suddenly. We remember his positivity, compassion and kindness. He was truly an incredible individual, and we are endlessly grateful to have known him.

By fall, we added Aluminum URD to our inventory. We were so excited, we made a video about it!

For DWC, there is no better way to end the year than with our Toys for Tots Toy Drive. This year, over 900 toys were donated to Toys for Tots with the help of our customers, suppliers & DWC Family members.

2017 was an awesome year, and DWC is looking forward to 2018, our 10th anniversary as a company. Check out our Year in Review video.

From our family to yours, Happy New Year!

DWC’s Toys for Tots Drive 2017

The Holidays can be magical and merry. . .

In 2017, it seemed like Christmas was here in September. Stores stocked their shelves with decorations and the toy commercials started to pour in. Children across the country began counting down the days until Christmas morning. Everything started to become magical and merry! However, for some kids, this time of year isn’t magical or merry. There are a lot of families that run into hard times and need help from their community to make their child’s Christmas dreams come true.

Toys for Tots Gives Back, A Lot!

That’s where the Toys for Tots Foundation comes in. For sixty-nine years, it has been collecting new toys for less fortunate children and distributing those toys as Christmas gifts. For the past 10 years, Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC) has been dedicated to supporting the cause.

“This is my second year participating in the Toys for Tots toy drive at DWC,” said Ann Harrison, Marketing Specialist. “I can’t help but tear up when I look at all of these toys, knowing it will change a child’s Christmas morning and maybe even more than that. It’s incredible to witness everyone’s generosity.”

Our 10th annual Toys for Tots toy drive was a huge success. We collected 900 toys with the help of suppliers, customers, DWC’ers and their families. Direct Wire & Cable, Aerospace Wire & Cable and Wavenet all made generous monetary donations that helped us purchase toys.

Our customers lent a hand by sending us a fastQuote. For every first fastQuote that was placed by a customer between November 7th & December 5th, we donated a toy. 

“Thank you DWC for this outlet to give back. I look forward to this every year! This is another reason DWC is setting the standard for the industry,” said Jon Larson of Winlectric Co. in Fort Collins, CO.

DWC’ers were eager to Give Back, A Lot by bringing in new toys to donate. This year, DWC family members were given a challenge to donate 200 or more toys towards the toy drive. If the goal was reached, DWC’ers got to be entertained with a holiday jingle, performed by Keegan Bast, Director of Sales and Tyler Waggoner, Director of Operations. Within a month’s time, we surpassed our goal!

It is unbelievable what people can do when they work together to support a good cause. Thank you to suppliers, customers and our entire DWC Family for being a part of another outstanding Toys for Tots toy drive. The Marines and Santa will have a full sled of toys to distribute to all the children on Christmas morning.

Wire & Fables: The Kingdom of Copper

DWC Wire & Fables

Once upon a time, in The Kingdom of Copper, there was a bustle amongst the royals and the nobles. Stories about wire & cable were being told, and uncertainty spread quickly. The Kingdom knew it had to be stopped, and they began their journey to set the record straight with tales from Wire & Fables.

The Prince & The Part Numbers

Chapter 1: The Prince & The Part Numbers
There were so many part numbers for so many products, it seemed never ending! The Prince set out to bust the fable that part numbers can only be found through the manufacturer. He called his trusty account managers at DWC to get down to the bottom of it. As it turned out, they could look up any part number from any manufacturer and get pricing!

The Duchess and Shipping Times

Chapter 2: The Duchess & The Shipping Times
The Duchess assumed that no matter where the wire & cable was shipping from, it could take up to a week to get there. She asked her valiant DWC account managers what their shipping points were and how long it takes for products to get to their journey’s end. The account managers assured The Duchess that most of DWC’s Cable Distribution Centers have one to two-day shipping points.

The Baron & The Quote Times

Chapter 3: The Baron & The Quote Times
There were days when The Baron waited hours before getting a quote back for wire & cable. This seemed to be an industry standard. The Baron knew this must be a fable and it needed to be busted! He reached out to the honorable DWC account managers to understand quote times. DWC’s average quote time was just seven minutes through their customer portal, myDWC. The Baron was astonished that he could get a quote back that quickly and thanked DWC for giving him time back to hobnob with his royal crew.

The Kingdom of Copper was pleased to put some fables to rest. The royals and nobles will be able to sleep soundly knowing they’ve done good work bringing wire & cable to the kingdom. They will stop at nothing when it comes to finding the truth in Wire & Fables!

Life as a DWC Sales Intern

Hello, my name is Jared Karlson. I am Distributor Wire & Cable’s (DWC) Sales Intern. I am currently a student at the University of Nebraska-Kearney (UNK) majoring in Industrial Distribution (ID). The ID Program helps prepare students for a career in technical sales or for a future in business leadership. I am graduating in May of 2018 but the only thing standing in my way is a required internship. Long story short, that is how I ended up at DWC!

Prior to my internship, I didn’t know a lot about DWC or wire and cable but on my first day everyone made me feel welcome. One of my favorite things about DWC is that they have developed a well-rounded, strong culture that makes it enjoyable to be at work. Being in the sales pit daily with all the the account managers was always interesting. I never knew that selling wire and cable could be so fun!

During my internship, my main goal was to work in every department to find out what I loved to do the most. I accomplished this and many projects along the way. One of my favorite things was Outside Sales. I like to talk to people face-to-face. When I traveled with one of our Business Development Specialists, Kyle Emge, I got to experience meeting with customers first hand. The hardest part of the internship was getting a feel for the products. It all started in the warehouse when I took total inventory. Taking inventory helped me understand what products we stock and where they are located. After getting an understanding of our product base, I rolled into the other departments and learned how everyone contributes to DWC.

Jared Karlson, DWC Sales InternIt was a big adjustment getting used to Colorado living. For starters, there is a lot less corn. Also, there aren’t as many cows, making cow tipping out of the question. However, trying new things wasn’t a problem for me! For example, I went hiking and kayaking, checked out a few concerts at amphitheaters and attended Rockies games too. I had a blast over the summer.

No words can describe how thankful I am to everyone at DWC for welcoming me into the family. This was an amazing opportunity to gain experience in the industry. DWC provided me an outstanding insight on how to operate a successful company.

Welcome Wayne Niederhaus

Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC) is excited to announce another addition to our sales team, Wayne Niederhaus. Before joining the DWC Family, Wayne worked as a sales manager at Arrow Electronics for twenty years. He saw some similarities between Arrow Electronics and DWC, which is what first attracted Wayne to DWC. For starters both companies are distributors.  Arrow Electronics is a distributor of computing products, and of course, DWC distributes wire & cable! Another thing he liked was DWC’s purpose and values.

“DWC’s values really spoke to me after working in management for so long. I consider myself a nurturer, and after reading through the values, they really connected with me,” said Wayne.

In his free time, Wayne enjoys fishing the numerous lakes and streams across Colorado. He prefers to fish for trout and bass in the Rocky Mountains.  However, his biggest catch was in Florida during a business trip. Wayne caught a thirty-five pound sheepshead fish! When he isn’t fishing, Wayne enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter.

Give Wayne a call at 888.439.2947 and welcome him to the DWC Family.