Belden Equals: It’s good to have options!

Name brands can often be expensive - even in the electrical industry. Belden is an established wire & cable brand that often falls into this "premium" category. For the electrical distributor or electrical contractor that prefers a cost-effective option to the Belden brand, Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC) offers Belden equals. At DWC, we've been stocking these products since 2011 and continue to add more options to our inventory. Other than the "premium" brand name, we routinely get questions on what the difference is between Belden classics and Belden equals?

Belden equal

Belden equals, or Belden equivalents, are often manufactured to the exact specifications as the name brand. All of the electrical and physical properties are the same between the two. These economical alternatives are used for a variety of industrial, residential, entertainment, and security applications.

In many cases, a project specification may require the Belden name brand. However, If this is not requirement, a Belden equivalent can be an attractive option at a fraction of the cost of the brand name. Another benefit of using a Belden equivalent is that quite often, these products are more readily available than the brand name.

DWC features a wide selection of Belden and Belden equivalents with outstanding pricing and availability. Our part numbers for Belden equals are the brand name part number followed by an equal sign.

Whether you’re looking to maximize your profits or provide a lower cost solution to help win a bid from your customer, DWC can recommend the right Belden equal for you. Get a quote today on Belden Equals or give us a call! 888.439.2947