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Happy Logistics Appreciation Week!
By Ted Jolly   One of my personal takeaways from this COVID-19 experience is how much of a vital role Logistics teams play in everyone’s daily lives. Without the operations, warehouse, and transit folks that serve each and every link in the supply chain, commerce as we know it would stop. Without our own Logistics teams here at Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC), our company couldn’t operate and our .
The Baker Hughes Rig Count – The Barometer for the Oil & Gas Industry
Like many businesses, electrical distributors located in specific regions of the country are key suppliers to the oil & gas sector. From the North Slope of Alaska down to the Eagle Ford Shale Play in South Texas, the energy industry can be a significant market driver within the electrical supply chain. With recent declines in demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic, along with the Saudi-Russia price war, the oil .
Let’s Give Back, A Lot – to Healthcare
A message to electrical distributors from DWC’s CEO, Travis Williams During the past several weeks, I’ve been blown away by the valor displayed by people from all walks of life that are combating the coronavirus. From the healthcare workers and first responders that are caring for the sick, to the truck drivers and logistics personnel that are helping to replenish empty shelves; the remarkable examples of American spirit from .
Keeping Up Sales in a Down Market
With all that is happening in the news lately, a global recession is a distinct possibility. The coronavirus outbreak has forced a multitude of business interruptions which are certain to have an impact on our economy. It’s too soon to predict the severity or the timing of this, but it is possible to begin preparations to help minimize the effects of an economic downturn. You may not be able .
Project Partnerships
The supply chain solution to help you succeed! by Ted Jolly, DWC Marketing Manager  When it comes to wire & cable, we’ve seen it all here at Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC). Most of the time, our Account Managers can look at a bill of materials and determine what type of project your end user is putting together. They often use this information to offer recommendations to help maximize .
The Changing Role of the Master Distributor
A brief Q & A with MDM Magazine Recently, members of the DWC leadership team were interviewed by Modern Distribution Management (MDM) on the topic of how the landscape of master distribution is changing. We were honored to have DWC included among the three companies that contributed to the discussion (the other two companies were a personal protective equipment supplier and a HVAC master distributor). The topics examined got .
Have a Master Plan!
Partnering with a master distributor can make your wire & cable product line more profitable. For electrical distributors, having the right supply chain solutions in place is an important factor that leads to higher profits. The right supplier partnerships can streamline order processes, maximize resources, and positively impact your bottom line. A strategic vendor alliance can become an extension of your business and provide you with a like-minded partner .
Q&A with Travis Williams
Get to know DWC’s new CEO Q: What was it about the opportunity to join DWC that appealed to you for this next chapter of your career? When I was approached, a few things about DWC really stood out to me. First and foremost –  the culture. This is a great opportunity to work with an energetic, smart, and truly customer focused team. The positive things that I’d always .
DWC Appoints Travis Williams as Chief Executive Officer
Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC) is excited to announce the appointment of Travis Williams as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Travis will assume leadership of the company and spearhead DWC’s strategic and operational direction moving forward. Travis replaces company founder, Bryce Huett, in this role, as Bryce has recently stepped away from day-to-day business to spend more time with his family in Texas.   “At DWC, one of our .
The 2020 Vision for Copper
Uncertainty and growth fears loom large for the red metal.   Looking back at 2019, copper prices were heavily impacted by concerns over ongoing trade negotiations and a global slowdown of manufacturing activities. These geopolitical and trade concerns contributed to uncertainty in the marketplace that kept overall pricing at bay. A strong supply side contribution from the mining industry also provided modest support that helped stabilize 2019 copper price .
VNTC: Vinyl Nylon Tray Cable
A quick primer on this highly popular product group! When it comes to functionality and diversity among specialty wire and cable products, tray cable stands out as a clear winner. VNTC tray cable can be found in a wide variety of commercial buildings, manufacturing facilities, and exterior applications. These versatile products are approved for installation aerially, supported by a messenger, in conduits, raceways, wireways, ducts, and cable trays. For .
Build Better Customer Relationships
Simple tactics for distributors to expand trust, affinity and profits from your best customers.  As someone who works for a company focused on providing incredible service, I’ve witnessed firsthand how important it is to connect with customers. Building relationships is key to learning your customers’ needs and expanding the level of trust that they have in your electrical distributor. This trust is essential to ensuring that these customers keep .
Social Responsibility Days – Good Deeds are Good for Business!
Company sponsored social responsibility days add up to much more than employees doing great things for worthy causes. Volunteering is a key part of any corporate community outreach program and can improve company culture in many ways. Taking time to Give Back, A Lot shows what your company stands for, improves employee attraction/retention, enhances teamwork, and helps build your brand. All these factors benefit your distributor’s bottom line while .
5 Time Management Tips for Electrical Distribution Salespeople
Any salesperson that works in the electrical distribution space knows that there never seems to be enough hours in the work week to check everything off your to-do list. On any given day, you’re likely being pulled in numerous directions while trying to get work done between meetings, emails, and administrative tasks. To help you work more efficiently, here are 5 simple tips that can increase productivity and maximize .
DWC’s 7 Year Sabbatical
An excellent perk to reward hard work! For any company, hiring, developing, and retaining good employees is essential to business success. A staff of seasoned, experienced professionals who have mastered their work over several years is better equipped to provide outstanding service to customers. When a company operates with a revolving roster of new hires, the “experience factor” tends to be missing and customer service suffers. There’s much to .
Good Service is Good Business
Customer Service Tips for Electrical Distribution Sales Teams In the current climate, customer experience is one of the main battlegrounds for inside, outside and counter sales teams (often out-ranking factors like product and price). This can be especially true within the field of electrical sales, where customers are more informed than ever before, have expectations that are constantly increasing, and are perfectly willing to switch to one of your .
Taking a Walk for Heart Health
– by Ted Jolly Ted Jolly is DWC’s resident “marketing geek” and is dedicated to informing customers about DWC’s outstanding products and services A few weeks ago, my wife, my son, and I spent a sunny Saturday morning attending the Denver Heart Walk with several of my DWC co-workers. It was a beautiful day for a 5k stroll around Denver and a chance for my 10-year-old kid to finish .
Prepare to Have a Relaxing Vacation This Summer!
For many, the summer season is vacation season. It’s the time of year when you and other staff members at your electrical distributor might consider taking some time to travel and be with friends and family. Because work doesn’t simply stop while you’re away, taking a vacation can often be stressful. However, with a little communication and preparation, you can set yourself up for a relaxing, well-deserved break and .
Health & Wellness in the Workplace
The modern day work environment is evolving and many electrical distributors are increasing their focus on employee wellness. Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC) advocates its employees to Live Healthy inside and outside of the workplace. A company wellness program can promote productivity and retention while increasing morale and engagement. Start a stretching or exercise routine There are many ways to promote a healthy lifestyle in the workplace. One example .
5 Books that Every Electrical Distributor Salesperson Should Read
As the old saying goes – readers are leaders. If you have a sales role at an electrical distributor and you’re committed to improvement, you likely realize the importance of developing your skill set to be more effective. Books are one of the best knowledge resources to hone your craft. While new titles are constantly emerging, there are some sales books that are simply timeless. Whether you’re new to .
Aluminum URD
The Aluminum Alternative
If you have a customer with an upcoming project requiring wire & cable, you want to get them what they need, when they need it. In most cases, these projects are submitted to you with tight budget parameters. A cost effective alternative to offering a traditional copper wire product is aluminum. Not all projects are a good fit for aluminum wire to be selected over copper, so make sure .
Belden Equals: What’s the difference?
Name brands can be expensive, even in the electrical industry. Belden is a brand that can fall into this "premium" category. For the customer that prefers a more cost effective option over the Belden brand, Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC) offers Belden equals. DWC has been stocking these products since 2011 and continues to add more variety to our inventory. Other than the brand name, what is the difference between .
Why Company Culture Matters For The Electrical Distributor
Your electrical distributor has a unique vision, operational style, and its own way of doing things. These elements, among others, help form your company culture. Culture impacts different aspects of your organization. It plays a key role in determining the way your business operates, and how it’s perceived by your customers. From your hiring process and employee engagement, to productivity and service delivery — company culture plays an integral .
High Temperature Wire Applications
Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC) stocks several types of high temperature wire. High temp wire is a hard to find specialty wire that is used in high heat conditions. It is used in several different applications, both commercial and industrial. Choosing the right high temp cable for high heat environments is crucial to meet your exact requirements. Knowing the application of what the wire will be used for can .
Give Back, A Lot During National Volunteer Week
Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC) is dedicated to Give Back, A Lot. It’s one of our values that was adopted in 2012. Beyond our wire & cable distribution business, DWC wanted to serve a greater purpose in the community. For that reason, DWC wanted to remind the electrical wholesale community about National Volunteer Week. It is being held April 7-13, 2019. First established in the United States in 1974, .
Get In There Early!
For project business, becoming involved in the planning stages can lead to increased profitability for the electrical distributor. In the increasingly competitive world of electrical distribution, sales are often lost if salespeople wait around for orders or RFQs from contractors and/or end users. Increasingly, distributors must become engaged early to best position themselves to secure project business. This means developing an understanding of not only the projects themselves, but .
5 Ways to Add Value as an Electrical Distributor
In most markets, electrical distribution is a highly competitive space with wholesalers in direct competition for counter sales and project business. A wide range of factors determine which distributors get the order among contractors, integrators and end users. One of the best ways to capture market share in a competitive arena like this is to offer more value than the “other guys”. Here are 5 ideas to increase your .
Giving Back Matters
Every year, Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC) customers look forward to the NFL pick ‘em challenge at the beginning of football season. Within DWC, employees get excited for a league of their own. Each year, a few DWC’ers play in a buy-in fantasy football league where the winner takes the pot. But this year, they did things differently. In previous years, this fantasy league was a fun way for DWC’ers to .
DWC’s Holiday Toy Drive a Huge Success!
Every Holiday season, people of the electrical distribution industry join together to support Distributor Wire & Cable’s (DWC) toy drive.  Each year, DWC collects toys to donate to the Toys for Tots Foundation, who have been distributing toys to less-fortunate children since 1947. Customers get the opportunity to participate by donating toys through DWC’s customer portal, myDWC. For every initial fastQuote a customer submits, DWC donates a toy on their .
Introducing Julian Fox
Introducing our newest Account Manager, Julian Fox. Julian Fox was born and raised in Colorado. He moved to Texas while in high school and when he graduated, he received a hockey scholarship. Julian declined the scholarship to enlist in the United States Army. After basic training, he attended airborne school and then completed ranger school. Then, Julian became an Army Ranger, specializing in reconnaissance as a Cavalry Scout. In .
DWC Celebrated 10 Years in Wire and Cable Distribution
DWC is proud to celebrate 10 years in business! We opened our doors in 2008. Back then, our founder, Bryce Huett, had experience in the wire and cable industry and had spent time in San Francisco working in technology. He had an idea to combine the two industries and create a different kind of company. This company had to have purpose and give people the opportunity to be a .