Applied: Tray Cable

Tray cables are an all-around product that are used in multiple industries. You can find them in industrial and commercial settings meeting demands from light to heavy-duty applications. They are used in control and power applications and are the perfect cable for general use. From industrial plants to steel mills, tray cable’s application versatility is extensive. Selecting the right tray cable product for your customer’s project is crucial, and having knowledge about applications will help you write the order.

VNTC (Vinyl Nylon Tray Cable)

It’s without a doubt VNTC has the most functionality and diversity out of all the tray cable products. This is because it’s easy to use and comes in many sizes. It is approved for installation in conduits, ducts and cable trays. It’s suitable for wet and dry locations, and it can be direct buried. It is applied in control, power, relay controls and so much more. VNTC is not only popular because of its versatility, but it’s so easy to use and can be obtained in many different sizes. It is permitted for use in Class I, Division 2 industrial hazardous locations. 

FREP (Flame Retardant Ethylene Propylene)

FREP is used in power and control applications in the commercial and industrial markets where additional flame retardance is required. It can be direct buried or installed in cable trays, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor installations. FREP is known to be extensively used in manufacturing facilities. It is known for its flame retardance, resistance to moisture and physical durability. FREP has an XHHW-2 rating and individual conductors are VW-1 rated.

VFD (Variable Frequency Drive)

This tray cable is mainly used to power AC motors, industrial motion control, commercial flow/pumping and extrusion applications. VFD can be installed in trays, ducts and conduit and by direct burial. It disperses voltage spikes and power distortions associated with its applications. Using this product is crucial to the reliability of the drive systems it is applied to. VFD can also comes in a high flex option. 

XLP USE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)

This tray cable is similar to XHHW building wire, except this product is rated for direct burial applications. XLP USE is used in service entrance and branch circuit applications for commercial, residential, industrial and transportation applications. It has a high resistance to humidity making this cable suitable for wet locations for outdoors and for weather resistant use. XLP USE can be very cost effective for contractors that require the electrical properties of cross-linked polyethylene and needs to direct bury the product.

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