After Christmas Christmas Party

Shouts of laughter and cries of defeat could be heard throughout The Tavern Downtown on Friday, January 10th. What brought such a rambunctious and energized group to the Tavern?  Why the Distributor Wire & Cable after Christmas Christmas party, of course.

All night DWC family members and guests joined in shuffle board, mini bowling, billiards, foosball and dancing. As the games heated up so did peoples appetites. A Mexican buffet was offered to craft a one-of-a-kind taco. For that late-night sweet craving, mini cupcakes from Big Fat Cupcake were brought in a variety of flavors.

Once stomachs were full to capacity, friendly competition broke out amongst the family members.  Shawn Winn, an inside sales agent, owned the bowling alley with a score of over 200 points. However, bowling wasn’t always fair. The pins had a mind of their own, sometimes adding an extra pin to knock over when you least expected it.

“If only I could sell wire like I bowl,” said Shawn.

Then, there was shuffle board, a game that took patience and a light touch. The table was dominated by Seth Gunderson, husband to Breeze Gunderson, people development coordinator. However, he did lose twice when he was forced to take Aly Daugherty, marketing assistant, as a partner. She sadly, only won twice all night.

“Next year, I will be the champion of shuffle board,” said Aly.

The billiards table was also full of challengers ready to take on Tina Thorpe, brand coordinator, and self-proclaimed black widow. She ran the table putting all challengers to shame with her trick shot.

“I hold my breath so I shoot straighter,” said Tina. “Ask Mark McAninch how I made him cry.”

Many games of foosball were played throughout the night.  The table was dominated by Chris Beaty, inside sales, and Matt Kissane, logistics manager.

“Many tried to take down our dynasty, just as many failed,” said Matt.

It wasn’t just about the games. It was a great opportunity to develop the DWC family by getting together and celebrating another great year. One family member, Jeff Webb, Dallas warehouse manager, even made a surprise appearance at the party thanks to Jake Ervin, inventory lead.  Jake flew Jeff out just for the occasion.

“It wouldn’t be a party without Jeff,” said Jake.

Also, all of the outside sales agents made the journey from Oklahoma, Washington, Minnesota and various parts of Colorado to come for meetings followed by the celebration. Overall, it was a fun night and a great way to kick off 2014.