In Case of Emergency

The situation…

It’s 2:30 pm on Saturday afternoon and you receive an email from a key customer who is currently retooling an assembly line at their local factory. The Project Manager that you work with misread the list of required materials and they need an additional 3000 feet of VNTC so they can finish the mission-critical project prior to the factory’s first shift on Monday morning.

…Your distributor location is closed for the weekend.

…Your usual suppliers are closed for the weekend.

…Your customer is facing a significant business interruption.

For situations like these, DWC offers 24/7 Emergency Services. DWC Account Managers and logistics teams are on-call and ready to respond, any day – any time! The costs associated with project delays and downtime can be debilitating for your customer. At DWC, we embrace the opportunity that these situations provide to partner with electrical distributors and help save the day for their customers.

Recently, an electrical distributor in Ohio contacted us early on a Sunday morning. This distributor informed us that one of our competitors had shipped 2500 feet of the wrong wire for use in a commercial construction project. The Construction Manager relayed that not having the materials that they needed by Monday morning would create a “domino effect of delays and downtime”. The DWC team at our Columbus distribution center had the correct wire in stock. They came in on Sunday to make the necessary cuts, package the order, and arrange a delivery in advance of the Construction Manager’s deadline.

“That Sunday delivery salvaged our relationship with that customer” stated the electrical distributor. “This small factory has given us repeat business for many years and the fact that we managed to deliver on time, regardless of what happened, was crucial in this instance” he added.

As an electrical distributor, you have systems in place and great people on staff that help mitigate the need for rush orders and time-sensitive situations. But when your customer calls with an emergency, DWC is ready to spring into action and help you support them with the wire they need – when they need it. We take pride in our ability to partner with electrical distributors to help deliver solutions when emergency situations arise. These partnerships tend to grow stronger when we work together to solve problems like these to help keep your customers’ projects on track.

For more information on DWC’s 24/7 emergency services and to acquire our special “hotline” email address, contact your Account Manager today.