2017 DWC Awards

On Cinco de Mayo, we held our second Distributor Wire & Cable (DWC) award ceremony. We have an extraordinary family and love to recognize them for their hard work.

DWC’ers voted for their picks in eight different categories. Polls closed and the votes rolled in. The competition was fierce! There were at least ten to fifteen different nominees in every category. Here are our winners:

Chris Harrison, CDC Manager, walked away with two awards. He won the  Energizer Bunny Award, for being Crazy Stupid, Fast, and the Duct Tape Award, for being able to fix just about anything.

Moe Mao, Logistics Specialist, took home the Biggest Heart Award. One of DWC’s values is to Give Back, A Lot, and he truly does!

Robert Saldi, Senior Account Manager, was awarded the Wise Owl Award for giving the best advice.

Keegan Bast, Director of Sales, snagged the Live Healthy Award by being mentally and physically healthy, rocking another one of DWC’s values!

Joe Von Kennel, Senior Account Manager, reeled in the Carpe Diem Award. He embraces every day and every opportunity.

Chris Beaty, Senior Account Manager, won the Best Ping Pong Player Award for holding down the table in the office.

Ann Harrison, Admin Marketing Assistant, took away the Rookie of the Year Award. We are excited to see what is in store for her next year.

It was another great year at DWC and we have a lot to be thankful for. We can’t wait to see who wins next year!