2016 DWC Survey Results

When you work in an office every day, things can get rather monotonous. Go to work. Say hello to the weird guy who sits by the front door.  Drink your coffee. Stare at your computer and do what you think will make your customers happy and will help your business grow.

At DWC, we look at things differently. When we get too comfortable, we tend to get uneasy. That’s why we like to check in with you, every year, to see how we are doing. It’s a perfect way to mix things up and keep us on our toes. Many of you participated in our 2016 survey and we’d like to share the results with you. Before we do, we’ve got to give a quick shout out to all of you who took the time to give us some feedback. We LOVE you! (Yes, that says love. It is true unconditional never-ending love.) Thank you. And now, the results:

•DWC’s Customer Service Rating:

Poor to Exceptional. 0% Poor? Shucks, y’all are too nice! Here’s the breakdown:


DWC's 2016 Customer Service Rating

Do you use myDWC & fastQuote?

Some of you wouldn’t give up your myDWC account or fastQuote for anything.  Where else do you have access to March Madness or the NFL Challenge?

There was a comment about not having DWC part numbers or a DWC catalog, so using myDWC or fastQuote wasn’t an option.  The beauty of myDWC and fastQuote is that you can enter ANYONE’S part numbers in our system and we can figure it out.  Really!  Give it a try next time you need something. By the way, if you ever wanted a DWC part number, we do have a DWC Online Product Catalog.

Some of you who didn’t know what myDWC or fastQuote was should have received a phone call from your account manager.  Of course, we would love for you to sign up for an account, but if portals aren’t your thing, as many of you mentioned, no problem!

A lot of you really like to talk to your account managers instead of a computer.  We can’t blame you.  They are all terrific people.  Plus a lot of them wear swanky socks and play a mean game of ping pong!  Seriously… ask them about it next time you’re on the phone.

Email and instant messaging seems to work for many of you too.  That’s A-Okay with us.  However you choose to ask us for a quote or get the information you need to grow your business is the perfect choice.

•What would you like us to stock?

Our procurement department went over all of your answers to this question.  They continually look at our stock and what you are asking for.  If we aren’t stocking what you are looking for right now, keep checking in with us.  One of our values is Build 2 Rebuild, which means we are always working to make things better for you.  That includes adding to the items we stock.  Recently, we added more DLO and SOOW to our inventory.

•Any other feedback, questions or concerns?

There were a variety of answers here.  We really appreciate the shout outs to all of our great DWC’ers.  Someone mentioned that she didn’t think the guys in our KC Warehouse got enough credit for the work they do.  We’ve passed that information along to them (Toby Henderson & Kenny McNaughton- Way to go guys!) and their supervisors.

We also heard that a second wire striper in Seattle would be helpful.  We hear you and are making that happen. Check out the picture below of Logistics Specialist, Andrew McQuillin, getting it set up. Send us some striping orders cause those guys are ready to rock!

DWC's Dual Striping Machines in Seattle

DWC’s Dual Striping Machines in Seattle

A handful of you mentioned that our pricing can be better. We are always striving to be in market and will always work with you when we can. Keep that feedback coming!

One of our favorite concerns was that Account Manager, Robert Saldi, wasn’t in our Halloween Fashion Extravaganza video.  Hopefully the following picture will rectify that concern…  Robert may have missed out on dressing up for Halloween, but we have him under contract for the next viral DWC video.

DWC Video Contract with Robert Saldi

DWC Video Contract with Robert Saldi


Our second favorite suggestion was that we allow Account Manager, Joe Von Kennel, to grow his hair back out.  DONE!  As long as Joe can take the hazing in the sales pit, he can grow it as long as he wants! (We know that in the end, he will do if for a great cause!)

DWC's Joe Von Kennel gives back!

DWC’s Joe Von Kennel gives back!

As mentioned before, we don’t like to get too comfortable around here.  You don’t have to wait for us to check in with you next year if you have feedback you want to share now.   Let us know, because holding your feelings in isn’t healthy. Send an email to marketing@distributorwire any time!