2015 DWC Awards

We have incredible people at Distributor Wire & Cable, and they make our family pretty awesome! With it being award season, we thought it was time to host the 2015 DWC Family Awards.

Our Procurement Manager, Robert McCord, developed a list of awards. The rest was up to the DWC Family.

On Friday, January 15th, 2016, the votes were tallied and the winners announced.

Bryce Huett, CEO, walked away with two awards. He won Drinking the Water in Mexico, for being the biggest risk taker, and Six Pack awards, for living the healthiest.

Drew Piller, Senior Account Lead, won the Pitbull award because he truly never gives up on anything.

Tyler Waggoner, Director of Operations, also went home with two awards, the Bermuda Triangle and Swiss Army Knife. He may be up for anything but may have lost the tools he needs.

Aly Daugherty, Marketing Specialist, took away the Happy Camper award. She has the power to take a dull day and make it exciting!

Chris Harrison, Logistics Specialist, won the First Responder award. He is always willing to lend a hand.

For Rookie of the Year, there was a four-way tie between Logistics Specialists, Dan Johnson, Darren Howard and Account Managers John Harbaugh and Jack Pando. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for their second year.

The Baby Bottom award went to Shawn Winn, Senior Account Manager, who’s calm demeanor is always smooth under pressure.

Robert Saldi, Senior Account Manager, won the Wiki Award. He can answer your questions about wire, cable and the world.

Mark Mcaninch, CFO, won the Penny Pincher award, which only seemed fitting.

After all the awards were given out, there was one final surprise.

In 2015, one account manager completed 12,769 quotes and 7,000 orders! We honored Senior Account Manager, Robert Saldi, with the Death on a Treadmill award for his drive, work ethic and relentless effort last year.

The past year brought its challenges, but we wouldn’t change a thing. After all, we have a great family here and can’t wait to see who wins next year’s awards.