2010 DWC Fitness Challenge – The Results!

2010 brought many good things to Distributor Wire but nothing was as important as their employee’s health. The DWC Fitness Challenge gave each employee a chance to set a personal fitness goal and work all year to accomplish it. The payoff – $1000 vacation travel voucher to the destination of their choice in 2011.

“We brought in a certified personal trainer to help everyone understand the value of nutrition and exercise. This year not everyone reached their fitness goal but everyone did make a change for the better,” commented Sheila Gentile head of operations at DWC.

Goals range from running marathons, to decreasing body fat percentages, to weight loss. Robert Saldi, the sales manager at DWC, set a goal to be less than 190 lbs at the end of 2010. He reached his goal by weighing in at 188 lbs. A total weight loss of 46 lbs in 2010.


Chris Camp, inside sales at DWC, ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll Denver marathon under his 4 hour goal with a time of 3 hours and 51 minutes. “It was the most challenging and painful thing I have ever done,” remarked Chris.


Maggie Workman ran a half marathon in Arizona with a time of 1 hour and 44 minutes to claim her fitness reward.


“Managing your career and your health can be very hard. We hope by providing more education, and rewarding our employees for reaching their fitness goals, it will increase their quality of life outside of work. I was more than happy to pay out the rewards to the employees who reached their fitness goal in 2010,” mentioned Bryce Huett, President at DWC.

DWC plans to continue the fitness challenge in 2011 and beyond.