We are a progressive wire and cable company focused on delivering a premium experience through superior service and advanced technology.
Our sole commitment is to our electrical wholesale partners
– the foundation of our business.


Develop our family, advance our industry, improve our world.


Our values guide our behavior and ensure we remain dedicated to our company purpose.

  • Be a Disruptive, Chaotic Force

    We believe in challenging the status quo, creating a kind of positive force, making sure we never settle and push the limits of what we do.

  • Build 2 Rebuild

    Our willingness to consistently rebuild our company promotes innovation and helps inspire everyone who works here to be a part of something bigger.

  • Crazy, Stupid Fast

    In a world where people want everything right now, our people and technology allow us to operate crazy, stupid fast making the “now” possible.

  • Give Back, A Lot

    We know that by supporting each other, our distribution family and giving back to our communities, we are making a difference in the world we live.

  • Learn, Teach and Grow

    A key to our great culture is our willingness to become vulnerable by teaching what we learn, which allows everyone to grow together as a family.

  • Live Healthy

    Giving all we have, every day, starts with how we feel, and nothing matters more to us than our health.

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