We are a progressive wire and cable company focused on delivering a premium experience through superior service and advanced technology.
Our sole commitment is to our electrical wholesale partners
– the foundation of our business.


Develop our family, advance our industry, improve our world.


Our values guide our behavior and ensure we remain dedicated to our company purpose.

  • Be a Disruptive, Chaotic Force

    We believe in challenging the status quo, creating a kind of positive force, making sure we never settle and push the limits of what we do.

  • Build 2 Rebuild

    Our willingness to consistently rebuild our company promotes innovation and helps inspire everyone who works here to be a part of something bigger.

  • Crazy, Stupid Fast

    In a world where people want everything right now, our people and technology allow us to operate crazy, stupid fast making the “now” possible.

  • Give Back, A Lot

    We know that by supporting each other, our distribution family and giving back to our communities, we are making a difference in the world we live.

  • Learn, Teach and Grow

    A key to our great culture is our willingness to become vulnerable by teaching what we learn, which allows everyone to grow together as a family.

  • Live Healthy

    Giving all we have, every day, starts with how we feel, and nothing matters more to us than our health.

Leadership Team

    • Robert McCord Procurement Manager
      "The Composer"

      He is quiet and grounded. His accepting nature keeps him spontaneous and willing to step up at any moment he is needed. He stays out of the spotlight, preferring to be the support behind others.

    • Michael Warthen Controller
      "The Guardian"

      He is an organized individual who has very clear visions of the way things need to be. His kind nature and overwhelming desire to see others succeed make him a natural leader.

    • Tina Thorpe Brand Manager
      "The Performer"

      She is a people-oriented person who enjoys making things fun. She lives for the moment and loves new experiences, especially if it involves other people.

    • Matt Kissane Logistics Manager
      "The Craftsman"

      He is an independent, logical thinker who always finds solutions to the problems at hand. He prefers action to conversation and is a sponge when it comes to figuring out how things work.

    • Jessica Floyd Marketing Manager
      "The Idealist"

      She is quiet and reflective with an interest in helping others. Her crave for knowledge keeps her mentally quick and open to all possibilities.

    • Jonathan Nooning Manager of Digital Innovation
      "The Scientist"

      He is an independent go-getter who is able to turn theory into vision. He has a personal high standard for performance, which is contagious to those around him.

    • Keegan Bast Director of Sales
      "The Champion"

      He is an enthusiastic, forward thinker who always puts other before himself. The pursuit of happiness and the deeper meaning behind a person's actions is always something he is searching for.

    • Tyler Waggoner Director of Business Optimization
      "The Mastermind"

      He is an organized innovator with a non-stop hunger for knowledge. This individual views the world as a chess game that is waiting to be navigated.

    • Breeze Gunderson Director of People Development
      "The Counselor"

      She is the reserved, intuitive force who brings compassion and dedication to everyone around her. She has an unstoppable drive to make the world a better place.

    • Pete Comber Director of Business Development
      "The Seeker"

      He is a forward thinking innovator, always looking ahead and never settling for the status quo. This inidivdual typically seeks out opportunities for not only himself, but the people around him.

    • Mark McAninch CFO
      "The Commander"

      He is a dominant, bold thinker who leads with an ability to conceptualize new solutions and ideas. He is motivated by hard work and success with a focus on getting results.

    • Bryce Huett CEO
      "The Visionary"

      He is intuitive, perceptive and thoughtful. This charming people person finds inspiration when he sees a problem that others believe cannot be solved.

    • Dave Coy COO
      "The Protector"

      He is intuitive about people and has a well-developed value system. He is highly respected for always doing the right thing and is usually a leader rather than a follower.


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